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As a local energy provider with over 100 years of service to the residents and businesses in Hawaiʻi, we take very seriously our responsibility of serving kamaʻāina. When the opportunity arises, we believe in doing the right thing, the right way and for the right reasons. And it is not uncommon for us to go out of our way to help neighbors in need as illustrated in the following story.

“A few weeks before Christmas, our entire condominium building unexpectedly lost gas service,” recalls Honolulu resident Cindy N. Having to rely on gas to provide energy for cooking and hot water, the building and residents were in dire straits. “Our condo association initially reached out to the Mainland service provider and they assured us it would be remedied. But after several days, there still was no gas delivery, and the Mainland company was no longer responding to our repeated calls,” Cindy says. The condo association eventually reached the offices of Hawaiʻi Gas for help.

Hawaiʻi Gas account executive Ryan Day remembers that day vividly. “We got the call and dropped everything to go and help those folks,” he says. As Ryan would soon find out, the residents of the 54-unit apartment building had been without hot water and a means for cooking for nearly 10 days. A team spanning multiple Hawaiʻi Gas departments quickly came together and spent an entire day getting the necessary approvals from the fire department and installing new equipment to get the residents the supply of propane they desperately needed. “We were able to do that because we’re local,” Ryan says. “We’re the only company that has all the necessary crews here to handle something like this.”

Hawaiʻi Gas would like to thank Senator Glenn Wakai and his team for connecting the condo association with Hawaiʻi Gas so that we could lend them a helping hand in their time of need.

"Within 48 hours of getting in contact with Hawaii Gas, all units had their gas restored and a miserable holiday season turned into a festive one," –Cindy N.

How Do I Read My Gas Meter?

Gas Usage Measured by a Meter
Synthetic natural gas (SNG) or propane dispensed from a shared holder tank is measured monthly by a meter to determine gas consumption. We use two basic types of meters: Digital and Clock-style. Digital meters indicate the amount of gas used. Each month your bill should reflect the difference between last month’s and the current month’s meter reading. For example:

  • Current Reading: 00023
  • Last Reading: 00011
  • Amount of Gas Used: 12

Clock-style meters utilize multiple dials to measure gas usage. Each dial is numbered from 0 to 9 and a reading is taken from the left-most dial to the right. When an arrow is between two numbers, we use the lower number. In this example, the reading is: 2756.
The reading on the meter is then multiplied by a “Factor” (converts the measurement to therms). The “Factor” is shown on the bill. This will tell us how many therms you used during the billing period. This is then billed to you at the current rate.
Estimated Meter Readings
Sometimes a meter cannot be read due to a locked gate, no one being home, a watch dog, etc. In these cases, we estimate your gas consumption for that billing period. The estimate is based on an average calculated over the previous six-month billing period. If a subsequent adjustment is applied, it will be made on the following month’s bill. To minimize the number of estimated bills you receive, the following options are available:

  • Provide us with a key so we can access your meter.
  • Remove obstructions that may block our access, such as a security gate or watch dog.
  • Ask us about installing an Electronic Receiver/Transmitter (ERT) to read your meter remotely.
Enjoy Life with Gas
Zachary Tokushima
Operations Superintendent – Maui County

Zach started with Hawaii Gas 19 years ago as a summer intern fresh out of high school. He eventually became a full-time team member in 2002.

"I love that I have built many good relationships in the many different departments and divisions at Hawaii Gas," says Zach. "Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with many knowledgeable people willing to share their experiences and techniques in their field. I try to follow their example by sharing what I've learned and passing on the knowledge to my teammates. The team we have motivates me to give it my best and take on new and challenging opportunities. Every day is a learning experience, and I am grateful to be employed by Hawaii Gas."

If you or someone you know would like to work with and learn from employees like Zach, check out our website for current career opportunities.
We're Hiring!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu-Kaku, meaning "Horn of the Bull" in Japanese, provides the authentic Japanese yakiniku (grilled barbecue) dining experience where customers share premium cooked meats over a flaming grill. With grills installed at every table, everyone can join in on the cooking experience. Plus, with Gyu-Kaku's custom down-draft exhaust system, smoke is sucked into the bottom of the table and away from guests. Here are some of their specials:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Lunch for $27.95/person and includes 30 items from their menu. And for limited time, they are offering a Spring Seasonal Menu featuring the Flavors of Japan.
  • Earn Rewards towards delicious discounts and freebies with the Gyi-Kaku mobile app. New members can earn $10 off when spending $30 or more. Plus, earn 100 bonus points just for registering the app on a new device.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ currently operates four locations on Oʻahu in Kalihi, Windward Mall, Kapolei and Mililani. All locations are open for dine-in and take-home service. They also offer Gyu-Raw where you can get a selection of meats to grill at home!

See what Gyu-Kaku has to offer!
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