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If you are planning to do any type of work to your residential or commercial property and that work requires digging or trenching, please call before you dig! It's always a good idea to have underground gas lines located before any excavation activity begins. If you are planning to dig, call the Hawaii One Call Center by dialing 811 at least five (5) working days prior. Be sure to give them the address and location of the cross street(s) nearest where you plan to dig. Hawaii One Call Center will contact all local utilities to tone, mark or identify the location of underground utilities, for FREE. Mark the area where you plan to excavate in WHITE as Hawaii Gas uses yellow markers (paint, ribbon, stakes, etc.) to mark our facilities.

Recognizing Gas Pipelines
Hawaiʻi Gas pipelines are made of steel or high-density polyethylene and are as large as 16-inches and as small as 1/4 inch in diameter. We bury our pipes with yellow warning tape; however all underground facilities should be treated with caution. Never assume a pipe is abandoned–at times polyethylene pipe is inserted into an older steel pipe. On O'ahu, we post yellow warning signs along our high-pressure transmission pipeline from Kapolei to Pier 38.

Damage to Hawaiʻi Gas Facilities
Even a slight gouge, scrape or minor dent in a gas pipeline could eventually result in a rupture or leak. Damage to pipe coating could result in a future corrosion leak. Damage to the locating wire used for polyethylene gas pipes could make it difficult to locate the pipes in the future.

If a gas pipeline is damaged, dented, pulled or yanked, it could lead to leaking in the future. Don’t take a chance! Warn or keep people away from a suspected leak. Stop the work and call the Hawaiʻi Gas emergency hotline on your island or contact your local fire department. Do not attempt to repair the pipeline or backfill the area until Hawaiʻi Gas has inspected and repaired any damage.

Residential customers should have their piping checked once every five years and commercial customers should check their piping annually.
Safety Tips If You Recognize Leaking Gas:
  • Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Turn off machinery and engines and avoid using cell phones or electrical switches in the area.
  • If you are able to, safely turn off the gas. If the leak is inside an enclosed structure, ventilate the area by opening windows.
  • If outside and the leak is underground, do not fill the hole with water. If there is a gas fire, do not try to extinguish it unless you are able to shut off the source of the gas.
  • Immediately leave the area and warn others to stay away.
  • Call the Hawai‘i Gas office nearest you.
  • If the situation warrants, call 911 or your local fire department.
  • Do not attempt to turn the gas back on by yourself. Contact Hawai‘i Gas to have a trained, qualified professional restore your service.

Community Partners: Maui Fire Department

Recently, the Hawaiʻi Gas operations crew on Maui spent time providing training for more than 20 Maui Fire Department and State Department of Transportation fire recruits. The full day of training gave recruits an up close and personal experience with gas safety.
Hawaiʻi Gas has been working in partnership with fire fighters, fire safety officials and first responders on Maui, and across the state, for more than 15 years. Training varies but typically involves education on the properties of gas, safety and prevention techniques, tabletop exercises and even live training to extinguish controlled burns. Having a cooperative working relationship with our emergency responders is a critical responsibility as a utility and provider of gas energy. Because of these partnerships, we are able to maintain a ready state of preparedness should an emergency or natural disaster ever strike.

Commercial Switch to Gas Program

Powering your business with gas energy is made easier with our Commercial Switch to Gas Program. Replace non-gas equipment with efficient and reliable gas equipment and you can receive a rebate credit of up to $2,000 or more!

  • Switch and enjoy the convenience and resiliency of gas.
  • Improve the efficiency and reliability of your business.
  • Promote energy-efficient and environmentally friendly gas appliances.

 Certain terms and conditions apply. 

Claim Your $2,000
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