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Part of our commitment to helping build a carbon neutral future for Hawaii is diversifying into other renewable and clean technologies. Hawaiʻi Gas has been investing in technologies that have expanded our energy portfolio. Although they are a small part of our business now, they represent our commitment to continually develop and innovate ways to provide our customers with the energy they need to thrive and prosper while being mindful of our carbon footprint.
The Sheraton Waikiki Cogen/Combined Heat and Power project on Oʻahu uses combined heat and gas energy to produce electricity. The system has the capacity of approximately 2 megawatts which is used to power the resort’s needs. Benefits include onsite production of power, reduced energy costs, and reduction of emissions compared to conventional electrical generators and onsite boilers. This project will continue to generate sustainable power for the Sheraton Waikiki through 2028.

Hawaiʻi Gas’ Waihonu Solar Farm on Oʻahu produces a combined output of 6.5 megawatts of electricity—enough to power approximately 1,000 homes. It consists of 26,232 solar modules and 13 inverters, and is situated on 12 acres of the privately owned 143-acre campus of Honbushin International Center in Mililani. The overall campus sits on land that was historically used by Dole for growing pineapple.
Waihonu Solar Farm is contracted to sell electricity to Hawaiian Electric under a power purchase agreement. The direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels at the farm is converted by onsite inverters to alternative current (AC) electricity for use by Hawaii Electric’s customers via the electric utility’s grid.

This 20-year project was commissioned in 2016 and continues to produce renewable energy to residents who live and work on Oʻahu.

The Waihonu Solar Farm sits on 12 acres of privately owned land that used to grow pineapple.

Ensuring Access to Your Gas Meters, Tanks and Cylinders

Hawaiʻi Gas meter readers and service technicians are known for providing prompt and reliable service to their residential customers. Our friendly personnel are happy to accommodate your requests, but please help us keep everyone safe by adhering to these safety procedures:

  • Please keep your gas tanks or cylinders free from lawn overgrowth, clutter, trash or recycling receptacles, or other storage units or containers. Allowing easy access to your exterior gas equipment allows us to service your home quickly and safely.
  • Note the date and time of your meter reading, scheduled gas delivery, or service appointment, then be sure your dog or pet is secured before our employees arrive at your property. We prefer that the pet be secured in a location where our employee is not working. If we deem the environment unsafe due to the presence of a pet, your service call or gas delivery may be rescheduled, or your meter reading may be estimated.
  • If anything changes on your property that might cause a safety hazard to our employees, such as construction or renovations, please contact us so that we can record it in our files and ensure that your plans will not interfere with our ability to provide you with continuous and safe service.

Much like other water and electric utility personnel, Hawaiʻi Gas personnel are authorized access to gas facilities – meters, tanks, cylinders, and piping – for maintenance and routine operations. If, for reasons outside of our control, the meter cannot be accessed or accurate gas usage data is not available, we will notify you and bill you based on an estimated consumption of gas during the affected billing period.

Loren Pabila
Organizational Change Management Specialist
Loren has been a part of the Hawaiʻi Gas ʻohana since 2018. He is currently part of a team that is building what will soon be the heart and soul of a new centralized customer service experience for all Hawaiʻi Gas customers.
Of his time at Hawaiʻi Gas, Loren says, “I love working with the people here. We have a great group of talented and highly trained folks who are experts in their respective fields. I also love that we provide a safe, clean and reliable source of energy for our communities across the state and are looking towards a renewable and sustainable future.

"Hawaiʻi Gas also provides stability for its workers as there were no jobs eliminated during the height of the pandemic; the company was able to keep all our employees gainfully employed…and that matters to me.”

If you or someone you know is interested in working for a company that provides more than a paycheck and benefits, check out our current career opportunities.
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Grace Pacific, LLC

As the state’s largest asphalt paving contractor with operations on all islands, Grace Pacific plays a critical role in Hawaiʻi’s infrastructure through the building, repairing and maintaining of the highways, byways and roads that we all use on our everyday commute.

Hawaiʻi Gas partners with Grace Pacific to provide the propane energy they need to run their plants to consistently manufacture asphalt. Because propane is a “clean burn” and has significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel fuel, Grace Pacific is able to run their operations longer and more efficiently thereby allowing them to keep up with the high demand for asphalt.

Thank you, Grace Pacific, for your commitment to a cleaner, safer, and smooth-riding Hawaiʻi!

Grace Pacific is committed to a cleaner and safer Hawaiʻi by using propane energy over diesel fuel.
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