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Dom Perignon lost to this Champagne!
How Can This Be?

YES it has happened!

$500 vs $170 Champagne Test!

If you think Dom Perignon is king of champagne
we like to prove you wrong.
In a blind tasting event, one powerful champagne beats Dom Perignon and won Number #1 Top Champagne Choice among 30 champagne lovers. It again Won a Gold Award in Tower Club tasted blind by more than 40 wine professionals, again emerged as Winner of all Champagne!
The winner is
Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012

Won Tower Club Gold Award
Won Decanter 2022 Top 100 Platinum Wines
Crowd Favorite over Dom Perignon


Astonishing! Praise Worthy!
Stunning Champagne that is Perfect for all Occasions!

Best Part!
Price are Much Lower than Dom Perignon range
Why Pay More While You Can Drink the Best for Less?

Won Top Champagne of Singapore
GOLD Award Among over 200 Wines...
Tasted Blind!

Powerful champagne is hard to deny. It always stand out.
And it doesn't always has to be Dom Perignon

Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012 won GOLD Awards in Tower Club Wine Awards 2022 hosted on 17 November 2022, blind tasted by over 40 wine professionals. A MUST Buy!

We are the Best of the BEST!

On top of that, we are the only wine merchant with the highest win; we won 7 GOLD and 2 Silver Awards and a "Best of the Best" overall champion. We say this confidently as we know our wines well, you can buy confidently from a wine merchant who are experienced with their palate, armed with our extensive knowledge wine.
Tasted and Proven! Results and Awards won't lie!

Why is it d’Ambonnay *Grand Cru*?

Saint Réol comes from a region full of top listed champagnes

Single Most Important Village in Champagne Production
Stunningly Top Quality Champagne in the World!

Extremely Top Quality for Less You can Ever Find!

d’Ambonnay is a very well-known Grand Cru village in champagne, there are many well-known champagne houses from d’Ambonnay, e.g. Krug, Duval Leroy, Mumm, Piper Heidsieck, Pol Roger, Roederer. Saint-Reol is a cooperative by polling 58 champagne producers with excellent champagne making skills to make their champagnes, thus quality is assured. This is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, along with 13% wines without going through malolactic fermentation.

So don't head out to buy another unknown or even top rated champagne
without first checking us out.


The Night Where Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut
Beats Dom Perignon Hands Down


The lineup:

2008 Dom Perignon

2008 Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut

2012 Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut

NV Saint Réol Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut

2008 Andre Clouet Dream Vintage Grand Cru

On 16th November, we put 5 champagnes into test. We added Dom Perignon to see if it can withstand the power of Saint Réol. During the walkaround blind tasting, attendees won't know which champagne they are drinking and at the end of the session, they are given voting chips to place their votes on their top favorite champagne.

Here is the score, voted by 30+ attendees, not in house vote to further increase the voting credibility. Many attendees came because they are curious if Saint Réol can outperform Dom Perignon. 


It seems like a Big Dare in the world of champagne to have a relatively unknown brand to come contest the big brand.
Big Name Dom Perignon VS No Name Label Saint Réol?

Can Dom Perignon holds its fort?

Will Saint Réol claim the crown like how a young fearless warrior should?

Revealing the Results of the Night!


ONLY $170

2012 Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut - 21pts
Buy Here Right Now! While Stock Lasts!

2008 Dom Perignon - 20pts
Around $500!

2008 Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut - 18pts

NV Saint Réol Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut - 13pts

2008 Andre Clouet Dream Vintage Grand Cru - 11pts

Big Name is Not Lucky This Round...

When Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012 is Around!

When we observed many attendees can't differentiate between Dom Perignon and Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012, we knew something good is brewing soon.

Indeed, Dom Perignon power is weakened when confronted by a formidable Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012.

We unearthed an Unsung Hero in the World of Champagnes!

When we first brought in this champagne and having tasted over many, we knew Saint Réol champagne has an impeccable performance that is able to beat Dom Perignon. So, we dare customers to come and witness for themselves with a fair blind tasting.
Beats Dom Perignon Even in its Powerful Era!

Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012 performance is truly outstanding given 2008 Dom Perignon is huge and powerful, the finest release of this iconic cuvee since the 1996 vintage!

In fact, 2008 vintage in Champagne has undoubtedly resulted in some of the greatest wines ever produced from this region and is already hailed as one of the greatest Champagne vintages ever.

But look, Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012 beats Dom Perignon 2008 in its greatest time, so imagine how powerful this unsung hero is with its huge potential!

Why Settle for the Big Brand While We have the Best of the Best!
Better than Dom Perignon!

With Dom Perignon prices soaring to the roof especially at this critical time of festive celebration, we have found Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012, an even better choice than Dom Perignon for a much lower price, and it outperform!

Bok, founder of Fine Wines SG rated it 9.5/10 stars

"Amazing Tasting Journey"

The journey of tasting the bottle is quite amazing, as there’s an evolutionary path from first sip to the final glass. Initially, the champagne started off with huge amount of minerality, very steely and metallic. Along the way, it started to morph into another personality, turning more mellow, fruity, elegant and extremely fresh.

 A well worth drinking session with lasting impression. 2012 is a great vintage for champagnes, buy and keep it for another decade and you will not regret your purchasing decision when you pop it open in 2032!

Hurry! Gets Your Now Before Every Bottle is Sold Out!
Drink, Special Collectible or as Gift...
Saint Réol Grand Cru Elegance Brut 2012 have all covered and beyond!

A champagne that beats Dom Perignon to the ground...
must be GREAT!

Get Your Best Price In This Email!
Vintage Top Champagne Choice Size Rating Price Order Here!
2012 Saint Reol Grand Cru Elegance Brut Millesime w/ Gift Box Winner Choice! 750ml 9.5/10 $170 Buy Now
2008 Saint Reol Grand Cru Elegance Brut Millesime w/ Gift Box 750ml 9.5/10 $220 Buy Now
NV Saint Reol Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut 750ml 9/10 $115 Buy Now
NV Saint Reol Grand Cru Brut Rose 750ml 9/10 $99 Buy Now
NV Saint Reol Grand Cru Demi Sec 750ml 9/10 $99 Buy Now
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