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What happens if...

you not only let engineers in Shenzhen/China assemble smartphones but also give them the chance to design them out of any software requirement or App store? Currently we're in a software jail. All you can do there is usually chose there is the color of the walls (your phone's case) and the size of the window (a.k.a. screen size) but the rest is dictated by Apple or Google. The MIT made a very short, but highly inspiring documentary about this question.

Now, that we're unfortunately all in that jail (in essence the 100% of the 6+ Billion mobile phone users on this planet), both your system and many of the Apps already requested your approval to send you notifications. This little feature created something new: the notification economy. Apps, platforms and brands are trying to basically own your attention all the time and no matter the screen size, i.e. from tablet to smart watch. Which of all notifications are you really reading or have activated at least?

Say, one notification would be "Your taxi has just arrived". Well, it may be a notification from one of the soon-to-be-seen driver-less cabs in New York City. I strongly recommend you to read the second and third article of this issue and you'll see that the agreement between Google and NYC's mayor opens up a completely new territory for brands. Let's call them driver-less self-service malls.

I hope you you enjoyed summer and this issue of ▅▅ stuff.

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