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Twenty fifteen.  

▅▅ stuff's back.
Well, actually it was never gone, just on a virtual time-travel. 

So, we're here. 2015, the future, the present and already the past. Time flies by. So much stuff was just presented at CES in Las Vegas for this year... and will be out-dated with the blink of an eye. But, like each wave of the ocean is shaping the coast, all new gadgets presented will shape the way we communicate, design & create from now on. 

I will save you from another tsunami of the-latest-and-greatest-OMG-CES-gadget news. Instead, I think, it's a great occasion to contemplate about where we are and where 2015 could take us to. Have a look at the NEW CLUES for our digital age. Will it be an age where virtual and reality cannot be distinguished anymore? Like ON and OFFLINE today. ON and OFF-what?

2015. We're in it.

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