December 2018 Oatridge Prayer update
Serving with ACORNCAMPS in Hungary

ACORNCAMPS Christmas party ...

Boldog Karácsony (Happy Christmas) 

We can't believe it's here again. We reach the magical, if not somewhat stressful, time of the year when we remember the Word became flesh. Remarkable ... fascinating...  incredible ... Almighty God coming into the world, coming as a person taking the form of a servant ... not arriving in a stylish carriage, or born in a palace, but humbly born to a young couple from Nazareth. What wonder, what mystery, what a gift ... what an incredible God.  

We have so very much to be thankful for this year. It certainly wasn't our easiest in a while, but through the ups and downs God is certainly teaching us lots. Our relationship with Him is deeper, our relationships with each other and as a family are deeper, and therefore we see that tougher times in God's hands can be seen (often only in retrospect) as blessed times.

We truly hope you have a wonderful Christmas - it's not always an easy time for people - but we pray you would know God's peace and presence this Christmas.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers. 

2018 Praise God for … 
  • Friends and family both in Hungary and the UK who support our work, allow us to attend conferences and training events together and have been there for us this year as we've suffered with stress, found studying with the kids difficult and advised us on how to develop the work. 
  • The joy that David, Réka and Emily bring. Whilst we know only too well they aren't angels, it's a joy to see how they still love to be involved in Acorncamps in their small ways (putting notebooks together for training, or coming down to join in with the Bible Workshop) we love the noise they make (usually) especially when it involves a piano, flute or a recorder. And we grateful that they're generally happy and supportive of us going away for work related trips. 
  • Praise God for another year of good relationships between the small Acorncamps team, and especially for how Kristián has complemented the team. 
  • Very encouraging training weekend (Nov 23-24) where not just youth leaders and pastors attended, but older youth who are excited to step up and take a more active role.
  • A core group who have met regularly to think more about how to study and teach the Bible. We have enjoyed going through Philippians and are now working on writing a workbook for youth leaders to use.

  "Hi Samuel, I'm your cousin David"            back at our old house                       this wasn't ever our house                            


Please pray for …  

  • Us to have the right expectations of celebrating Christmas and time with family. We're delighted to have our two worlds together again as some of Andy's family join us for a Hungarian Christmas [This involves presents, fish soup and church services on 24th]  Pray we'd have the same mindset as Jesus - seeking to serve others and put their needs before our own. (see book recommendation below!) 
  • How to use our Sundays in 2019. God has given us a settled heart at going to serve in other places on occasional Sundays, whilst remaining as members of our local church. 
  • We're told David will "officially" become a 'teenager' on New Years Eve! Pray for us as parents to be able to put in to practice all the advice (or at least some) we've give people over the past 20 years about how to relate to teenagers. 
  • Planning for 2019: Pray for wisdom to make the best use of our time and resources as we put together the diary for the whole year in January 
  • The Big joint camp next July with 10+ Hungarian churches involved. 
  • Our group of 10 people travelling from Hungary to join the Growing Young Disciples conference (Jan 14-17) Pray that we would learn lots of principles that can be transferred into a Hungarian situation and developed in a Hungarian way. 
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Remembrance Sunday *spot Andy*   lunch with the British Ambassador        cold kids, but having fun 

Peeking into January 2018 ...
Back to work for 2, back to school for 3 !!
14-17 Attending Growing Young Disciples Youth Conference with Hungarian 
22 Andy leading Langham Pastors preaching Club -
1 Feb: ACORNCAMPS Trustee meeting 

Thank you for your ongoing care, support and prayers. 

Oh and if you want a great book for advent next year then we recommend Tim Chester's The One True Light which takes you into Phil chapter 2.  You can buy it on amazon and for no extra cost donate to Acorncamps at the same time! incredible :) Please click here


With lots of love

Andy, Zsófi, David, Réka & Emily

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