February 2019 Oatridge Prayer update
Serving with ACORNCAMPS in Hungary

Family together Ice-skating in Budapest after Christmas

 A quick note before I fly ...   
As I write - I'm just about to head to the airport as we have a trustee meeting tonight. We meet twice a year and it's always a helpful (though not always easy!) meeting. We are so grateful to God for a board of Godly trustees to whom we are accountable to. They are wise, varied in their gifts, all Christ-centred gospel-minded people who aren't afraid to ask us difficult questions and keep us on track. Please continue to pray for us as we think about how to take the work of Acorncamps forward. 

I then return and we have a busy couple of months particularly in terms of training - as you'll see from the dates below.  We're delighted that this side of the work is growing, and for more opportunities to train people how to teach the bible. Alongside the training we have a number of winter/spring events to plan, and of course the big thing on our minds is the "Big Meet" summer camp.  This will indeed be a challenge - bringing more than 12 churches together and hopefully more than 200 teenagers.  Please pray we'd get things done, and work well together across the denominations and churches to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we serve

It's winter, there's still some snow around, and probably more to come - but I see snow has hit the UK too.  We've been fighting some winter illnesses, and would value prayers that things don't get worse. 

Okay must catch a plane. 

Thanks so much for your support and prayers. 

Praise God for … 
  • Keeping us through illnesses (David & Emily were sick whilst we were in UK, Réka upon return, then Andy a week later! Pray Zsófi doesn't get it this weekend.  
  • Really encouraging time in the UK, seeing friends visiting our supporting churches in Sheffield, and having an uplifting and helpful time at the Growing Young Disciples conference.  
  • The conference was great for the group of Hungarians we took. They commented on how it was great to see: The bible so central to everything; many of the  older generation still involved in full-time youthwork, and many practical tips which were picked up along the way. 
  • The opportunity for Andy to preach on the topic of Unity in our home town (especially since there are issues) and for it being well received. 
  • A core group who have met regularly to think more about how to study and teach the Bible. We have enjoyed going through Philippians and are now working on writing a workbook for youth leaders to use.

Growing Young Disciples Conference and the                       team from Hungary with Tim Thornborough                                           


Please pray for …  

  • Us as we support our good friend Ildi (mother of five) with a serious illness - awaiting diagnosis following a major operation.
  • The kids are being told they need to improve their in Hungarian. School is never easy, but pray for a boost of inspiration to read Hungarian books :) 
  • 1 Feb Andy in UK for the weekend to attend Trustee meeting on Friday.  
  • 4 Feb Planning evening for "Big Meet" summer camp Core team of 13 people coming together: Pray for wisdom in planning and unity in decisions. 
  • 12 Feb Langham pastors' preaching club 
  • 15-17 Feb  East Hungary Youth leaders weekend: Andy & Zsófi teaching 40+ youth leaders in how to teach the Bible. Pray for people to be excited about teaching the Bible and 
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Peeking into March 2018 ...
4-8 Andy teaching the level 3 course at the Langham Hungary Conference (Preaching the gospels) 
19, 26 Tuesday bible workshop - John's gospel 
20 Andy starting a 4week lent course at Budaors Lutheran Church 
24 Family attending a Youth Away day with Nagybajom Reformed church 
29-30 Andy teaching two sessions at National Youth Leaders conference (~300 people)

Thank you for your ongoing care, support and prayers. 


With lots of love

Andy, Zsófi, David, Réka & Emily

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