Summer 2019 Oatridge Prayer update
Serving with ACORNCAMPS in Hungary


  24 hours before our biggest camp begins 

In less than 24 hours 26 UK team volunteers will meet at Budapest airport, and begin the journey - together with a further 25 Hungarian volunteers - down to Bonyhád where our big joint camp - aka The Big Meet (TBM)  will begin.  On Monday 130+ campers will arrive from ten different churches (together with their leaders) for a week of camp which we trust and pray will change their lives forever.  (More about that in a moment ...) 

But it has been far too long since we last wrote. And we would like to apologize for that. I did actually write an update, and then forgot to send it - much of that is now old news. It's fair to say it's been a busy few months, planning for the camp; putting together a new vision for the work of Acorncamps. Whilst not wanting to give too much away now, it's fair to say we will be more focused on training up youth leaders in Bible teaching, and managing the day to day life of family, kids, neighbours and church life. 

It's also been good to see our relationships with friends and neighbours growing over the past few months. We really enjoyed organising another street party on 1st May. It's a national holiday here, and it was encouraging that 14 families came out (including a family who recently moved in), brought food, enjoyed getting to know each other more. I shared a little from the Bible, about how grateful I am that fulfilling the second most important commandment (love your neighbour as yourself) is made so much easier when we are blessed with such a street. The whole occasion makes us realize how many people long for deeper relationships, but it's not always easy to know how to help this happen. Please pray that outside of "work" we'd continue to grow in our friendships, and use opportunities wisely to talk about our faith. 

Back to TBM: Planning a joint camp with many churches has brought many joys and challenges. We praise God for the unity amongst the key leaders, and the way in which already the planning has brought different churches, and youth leaders together. Please pray that this will continue through next week and beyond and that youth leaders will greatly benefit from the numerous training events for leaders which form part of the week.

It's been a great joy to work through the first four chapters of John at our weekly bible-workshop evenings, and at our training events. These will form the base of the morning talks and in the evenings we'll have three Hungarian pastors preaching the gospel. 

Okay - it's now time to pack three cars with camp items!! 

Thanks so much for your support and prayers. 

Praise God for … 
  • Health for us all this past month, and praise God our friend Ildi is better, and her test results came back negative - thanks for your prayers.
  • Great street-party on 1st May and for good conversations with neighbours.  
  • Encouraging visits from good friends in June which was a real boost to morale.
  • Lovely celebrations for Zsófi's 40th 
Street party 
  • Andy, (together with the team here and the trustees) being able to agree on a vision for the future work of Acorncamps (Don't miss next issue!)
  • Unity within the core leadership team of TBM 
  • The office team - Andy, Zsófi, Krisztián & Anna working so well together                                     

Please pray for …  
  • Good time in the UK this summer (see below)
  • 12 of David's friends are coming to TBM Please pray they would be inspired by the gospel, and for wisdom what to do with them post-camp
  • Our relationships with non-Christian friends and neighbours to deepen
Acorncamps TBM :
  • Unity between all leaders - and a focus on the gospel and serving each other 
  • Safety on camp: For no-one (especially leaders) to be ill and for an accident-free camp
  • For training events on the camp - including seminars, teaching and mentoring sessions.
  • For all of us serving on the camp to really learn more about our incredible God during the camp. 
  • For many teenagers to turn to God and find real life, through believing that Jesus really is the Messiah, the Son of God (John 20:31) And others to be encouraged to keep following Jesus.
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Peeking into Summer 2019 ...
18  Flying to UK 
19-26 Attending Keswick week 2 (Can't wait)
27- 3 Aug Based in Sheffield
30 July Prayer and information evening @ St. John's Chapeltown. A time to hear more about the work - ** all welcome **
3-25 Family holiday
28 Fly back to Hungary
30-31 Andy organising Dads & Lads 24 hour adventure for David's classmates
2 Sept First day at school!

Thank you for your ongoing care, support and prayers. 

With lots of love

Andy, Zsófi, David, Réka & Emily

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