May-June 2018 Oatridge Prayer update
Serving with ACORNCAMPS in Hungary


Our church - not Pentecost, but a confirmation service

Happy Pentecost

Happily Hungary sees Pentecost as a significant National Holiday, so we are looking forward to a long weekend. It won't be a restful holiday weekend for us as Andy is preaching four times (Acts 16-18) at the National Youth Gathering for the Brethren Churches in Hungary. Luckily the weekend is in our town, so no travelling, and we can sleep in our own beds.

Pentecost is a wonderful time to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ has both returned to His Father, and has left us to carry on His work. Brilliantly He has not left us as orphans, we are not alone, but are now in-dwelt by the very Spirit of God to transform us and to give us courage and words to speak about Christ and live for Him.   

Please pray that we would continue to rely on God's strength for all we do. Pray we would rest in the knowledge that our worth comes through our relationship with God, and not through the activities which we accomplish. 

We pray that this update finds you well, and look forward to hearing from you. As always here are some prayer and praise points to fuel your prayer - and do sign up to Acorncamps prayer feed via prayermate if you'd like to receive the daily pray requests.

Praise God for … 

  • Street party (1st May - see photos above) providing opportunities to get to know our neighbours more. One of them would like to hear Andy preach, and another is asking many questions about why we believe what we do, others now come to our Pizza, beer and discussion evenings.
  • lovely refreshing time in the UK over Easter seeing family friends and attending inspirational church services. We returned enthused and encouraged. 
  • Ongoing positive developments with regard to Langham Preaching in Hungary.
  • Krisztián Tóth now working with us part-time. It's a real blessing and encouragement.
  • Excellent training weekend at The Oakes with over 50 people prepping for serving with us this Summer.
  • Opportunity to run our first  Hungarian Acorncamp with Farnad Lutheran Church in Slovakia. (It will be interesting to see how different it is not

Please pray for …  

  • The end of school - is stressful time for most kids and parents. Lots of tests. David is currently doing the equivalent of SATS. 
  • Our church situation as the associate minister is moving to another church. This may or may not pr(d)ovide more opportunities for us to get involved in youth work. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the elders.  
  • Our summer plans: The 11-week school holidays is a busy time for us with 8 Acorncamps a kids' camps and a church camp. Pray for our family holiday (in Hungary) that we would appreciate time away, time together and time to recharge. 
  • 19-21 May Andy preaching at  national youth weekend for the Brethren Church in Hungary. (~150 people expected)
  • Training events 2018-19. Pray for guidance as we plan how to merge together our weekly bible workshop, the autumn training days and the ongoing youtube videos for next year.
  • Summer camp prep: Andy: team leading (x3) preaching in Hungarian (x1) Zsófi: Programme leading (x2)   
  • Five-year vision: Pray for wisdom as we prayerfully consider how to focus our time, gifts and resources to best equip and serve the Hungarian church. 

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kids warming up after brief heatwave and swim in Lake Velence (23rd April)
Peeking into the future ...
Lots of prep for the summer camps plus:
28 May Andy speaking at Reformed Secondary School Assembly (250 kids, most not Christian - 30 mins)
22, 29 May, 5 June  Expository Bible-teaching workshop 
June, Andy facilitating Langham Preaching Group for pastors in Budapest
12-14 Andy accompanying David & Réka on their school trip together with 3 teachers.
15 Last day of school
23-1 July Andy (& David) leading the Acorncamp at Tahi
2-6 July Our local church kid's camp (Zsofi helping Mon-Thur; Andy Tues-Wed)
7-15 July Family attending Vác Baptist Acorncamp (Andy: Team leader, Zsófi: Program leader)
18 July Andy & Zsófi running one day at Reformed Camp in Tapiószele
21-29 July Family attending Farnad Lutheran Hungarian Acorrncamp (Slovakia) Andy preaching and Team leader, Zsófi: Program leader
August: Holiday! 

With lots of love
Andy, Zsófi, David, Réka & Emily

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