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Three Things

October 2020 — Issue No. 82

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Things I Ate

Six Seasons

I made 12 dishes from Six Seasons this month bringing the total up to 16.6%, still a long way to go. My favorites were the roasted mushrooms and the gratin of brussels sprouts. It's been really fun to cook from this book, and I'm learning a lot about the seasons! Follow along here:

Things I Ate


Back in July, we released the project I had been working on at OpenTable, called Experiences, which allows restaurants to showcase their unique offerings. I finally had the opportunity to partake in an actual Experience as a guest! Rosamunde is a sausage grill out in the Mission that has outdoor seating for their 3-course lunch experience. Maia, Matt, and I rode bikes to check it out. It was a ton of food for $15 with a great selection of beers. It was cool to finally use the thing I’ve been working on.

Things I Ate

Liholiho Breakfast Sando

Liholiho Yacht Club is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. The chef was born and raised in Hawaii and serves local food like homemade spam, poke bowls, and coconut mochi. They closed for a but during the pandemic but now they are open and offering pickup and delivery. They have this breakfast sandwich that I’ve been dying to try, it’s a spam, egg, and cheese sandwich on a freshly baked bun. They deep fry the spam and cheese in such a way that any way you cut it the cheese comes oozing out. It was everything and more and I will definitely be back.

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Things I Saw

Plant Wall™

We’ve been working from our homes for approximately 427 years, 5 months, and 2 days. I feel grateful we have a place where Sophia and I can work comfortably. I’ve been thinking of a way to partition the space so that I feel like I can enter work and then physically leave it at the end of the day. Voilà, meet my new plant wall. On a Saturday, Maia and I went plant shopping and Sophia told me not to go overboard so I absolutely went overboard and bought like 7 new plants for our place. I really like how it came together and who knows maybe I’ll buy more plants (don't tell Sophia). 

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Places I Went

Truckee-Donner, California

For our 3 year anniversary, Sophia and I spent 10 days in a cabin in Truckee near Tahoe. It was glorious. I built a fire almost every night. We still had to work but we had an amazing view to look out to. We went hiking, we went down to the lake, we cooked a lot, we read a lot, and we just hung out. It was everything we needed.

Places I Went

Catalina Island, California

The week we got back from Truckee we drove down to Los Angeles to meet up with our good pals Mike and Chris for a Christian’s birthday on the Islands of Catalina. There were a lot fewer wine mixers and a lot more masks but it was hecka fun! It’s such a funky little island. It seems like the place Scooby and the gang would go to solve a mystery. There are no cars on the island so we drove golf carts around and Mike bar-b-cue'd every night.

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