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May 2018 — Issue No. 53

Long time reader, first-time roommate, Christian Redongo moved in with me and Michael this month. Fun fact, he was actually living in my room back in Hawaii but missed me too much so decided to move up to the city. Michael celebrated his 48th birthday (jk he’s 28). Sophia graduated from her Master’s program (now she's planning on moving up here 😬). Sang some karaoke, joined a gym and moved to a new team at work!


Sharmila G.

Jasmine took me to Robin for my birthday.


Paige S.

Went to Rachel's wedding!

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🌮 @Mrkuykendall Carnitas

—–Things I Ate

On Saturday May 5th, Michael texted me from his room and asked if I wanted to get an Instant Pot. To which I replied “Yes I do.” We went to the nearest Target to purchase the device. Michael decided to make carnitas and boy were they tasty. The Instant Pot is amazing. Believe the hype. What would of usually taken 6 hours to make took 45 minutes. And the result was amazing. We had Edward Pulido over for friendship, laughs, and tequila.

🥪 @Darrendub French Dip

—–Things I Ate

We love the Instant Pot. The night after Michael made carnitas, I made French Dip sandwiches it was so quick and easy and friggin delicious. You can expect a few more dishes from the Instant Pot in the coming issues.

🍝 @Auntycandy Bolognese

—–Things I Ate

As is tradition we had dinner with the Kuykendall’s for Michael’s birthday. This year Aunty Candy made an amazing Bolognese inspired by her son’s rendition in March’s edition. We had a few laughs and stories before hopping over to Tacolicious for 87 of their signature margaritas.

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🦊 Fantastic Mr. Fox

—–Things I Saw

I met Kate Wadsworth in intermediate school. We hung in different circles but kept in touch throughout the years. We’ve both grown up and developed into our careers. She’s continued her passion for art and is an amazing artist. I’ve been following her work on Instagram and I’ve been waiting for the day where I would have the opportunity to work with her. Well folks, this month it finally happened. I’m slowly building up the decor in my room and am putting together a Wes Anderson wall, I was just missing one thing: a Fantastic Mr. Fox piece. I reached out to Kate and she was able to squeeze me in and she knocked it out of the park! I’m so happy with how it turned out and I’m hoping I will have another piece for her soon.

👶 Mr. Davis Stark

—–Things I Saw

Birkley and Josh welcomed a beautiful healthy baby boy to their family at the end of last year. I’ve seen about 410 photos of Davis but haven’t met the lil dude until this month—I guess I was still hurt they went with Davis instead of Darren—I digress. He is such a cute kid. We had a long talk about his interests including mountain biking, advanced physics, and watercolors—he’s really into Vincent van Gogh right now. He has such a supportive family and a lot of love. Can’t wait to support Mike spoiling him like crazy.

🌱 Plant Parenthood

—–Things I Saw

So Christian moved up here and the first thing he wanted to do was get a car. The second thing he wanted to do was take wicked photos of him and his new Subaru in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. I obliged. After our photo shoot, we ended up going into a plant store and co-parenting a few plants! I’ve been thinking about getting a plant for some time especially to pair well with the painting I got from Kate :)

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👩🏽‍🎓 San Diego

—–Places I Went

Sophia graduated from her master's program at the University of San Diego! I was able to fly down for a few days to watch her present her research to a panel which she passed with flying colors. It’s been amazing watching her grow. Her enthusiasm and passion are inspiring and I’m grateful to have her in my life. Congrats love! 

🐥 Bay 2 Breakers

—–Places I Went

It’s been great having Christian up here and showing him what life has been like for the past 10 years. One such life event is Bay to Breakers which is essentially a day party thrown by the city of San Francisco. Watching his reaction to the costumes, behavior, general madness of everyone in San Francisco was hilarious and I hope to share more of those memories with him.

🤙🏽 The Green

—–Places I Went

Maia likes concerts and calendars. After her birthday last month she had me put two concerts on my calendar:
The Green (5/26)
Rebelution (8/31)
We got a group of Hawaii kids to join us to The Green this month. Even Kirby came up for the weekend! It was hecka fun would recommend putting concerts on your calendar. 

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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