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March 2020 — Issue No. 75

Well, I mean what can be said that already hasn’t been said. Instead of focusing on the uncertainty, I’d like to shed light on some of the bright spots. I’ve had lots of zoom calls with friends. I’ve played some Xbox with my sister and brother. We’ve had Emma (Sophia’s sister) stay with us during this time and we’ve had such a great time having her here. I baked some sourdough loaves and dropped it off at friends’ houses (no contact of course). My mom and grandma have been sewing masks for a local hospital. It’s really been great to see how we’ve all adapted and adjusted to this situation and we’ll get through this.

And here's a video of us doing one of them viral tik tok dances.

A little fancy

—–Things I Ate

During this global pandemic, the only thing keeping me going is my quest to cook through Alison Roman’s, Nothing Fancy. At the time of this writing, I am at 48 dishes of 120 dishes. In the month of March, I made 32 recipes from the book. Thirty-two. Three two. Anyhow, here are some of my favorites from the month:
Scallops with Spicy Beans, Tomatillo, and Citrus (above)

Frizzled Chickpeas and Onions with Feta and Oregano

Pot of Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Chorizo Bread Crumbs

Kuykendall Kurry

—–Things I Ate

Right before the mandatory shelter in place order was issued, we were able to see our friend Michael Kuykendall one last time. He had us over for an Indian feast that consisted of samosas, butter chicken, aloo gobi, and biryani. Everything was excellent. The homemade samosas were to die for. Would recommend Kuykendall Kurry House to a friend.


—–Things I Ate

I made my first sourdough in the Spring of 2015. Back then you could go outside and movies were $15 a ticket. I learnt two things that Spring, one, I love freshly baked bread. Secondly, this sourdough thing takes a long time. Given that we have nothing but time I decided to try my hand at sourdough again. A coworker who lives near me had some sourdough starter that she graciously gifted me (buy dropping it from her window #nocontact). Baking also brought my uncle Ian and me together via text messages. He’s a French chef-instructor in Calgary and we’ve spent the last few weeks sending our baking results to each other. And yes, it’s exactly the wholesome content we need during this time.

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—–Things I Saw

March 6, which was approximately 82 days ago, Maia and I went to a Pepper concert in Berkeley. It was my first time seeing the Big Island native band, they crushed it! So much energy, so much fun. Before the concert, we went to our favorite French takeout spot for their world-famous crispy potato puffs—which is basically fried mashed potatoes. It was a great show and it was nice seeing Maia IRL.


—–Things I Saw

To celebrate our anniversary (yes sometimes we celebrate it monthly) Sophia and I had dinner at Saison. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a while and so I was really looking for any excuse to go. Everything about the experience was executed perfectly. Chefs came by to present each of the ten dishes. One of my favorites was this take on radishes in broth (below), it reminded me of the radish soup they serve at Willow Tree, back home in Kailua. Here’s all the dishes we had. Oh ya we we got to take a picture with all the chefs after the meal!

Megha & Paige in Oakland

—–Things I Saw

The last people I hung out with in real life were Megha and Paige at Megha’s new house in Oakland. We caught up over wine and Chinese food. We also did a frustrating puzzle of the Ibiza coastline that we managed to complete in the few hours that we were there. Megha’s new place is v nice and I hope she’s having a nice time isolating there.

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Living Room

—–Places I Went

Sophia and I spent a few nights at the beautiful Living Room estate. It was cozy and had a full entertainment center with really fast wifi. We did such activities as look out the window, played Tekken Tag (and Halo) on Xbox, laid on the floor, and did two puzzles. 

Funny story, as soon as I got the mandatory work from home order I went straight to Target and bought an Xbox (against Sophia's wishes) and it has been a great addition to this quarantine.

Rotunda House Kitchen 

—–Places I Went

Next, we took a trip to our Rotunda House Kitchen with an expansive kitchen where we made a lot of exquisite meals for the house. This kitchen has it all: stove, oven, sink, and a fridge. I spent a lot of time here this month and I will continue to spend time here for months to come.

Wong & Suzuki-Jones Office Building

—–Places I Went

Lastly, I spent some time in our newly renovated office space with a state of the art Swedish (read IKEA) standing desk and top quality monitors (courtesy of OpenTable) where I stand and look at screens for the better part of the weekday. Very lucky to be employed during this time and I hope you all are making it through this like the rest of us, day by day. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll get there.

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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