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October 2018 — Issue No. 58

Hey hi <<First Name>>,

Happy Three Things Day! I saw a lot of people this month including family, my best friend Nate, Sophia's sisters, and my good pals Dustin and Natalie who came up to San Francisco dine at the prestigious House of Prime Rib with me. We released the ability to use #hashtags on UserTesting which has been received very well so far, started planning a trip to Japan next year with Matt and Maia 😱, and saw my favorite musician of all time DRAKE live in concert. 


Tori C.

Papa Olyan’s Surprise Birthday Poolside!! He unknowingly set up for his own party! 


Nathan J.

No comment.

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🍄 Kin Khao

—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I celebrated our one year anniversary at the Thai restaurant, Kin Khao. We started with this amazing mushroom curry served with a rice cracker and moved on to Manila clams in a spicy sauce. My favorite was the Thai tea soft serve. The service left something to be desired but the food and company were excellent. 

🌿 Al's Place

—–Things I Ate

My best bud Nathan Owen Johnson made the trek up to the Windy City™ (Just a nickname we call San Francisco). We had a lot planned for him and our weekend and one of those things was to eat. We took Ed to this restaurant for his bday earlier this year and we needed more. You may recall this place is very vegetation forward which works well for Nate because he is a recent vegetarian convert (with some fish, pescatarian then? idk I don’t make the rules). We ate salad with our hands, we drank wine with our mouths, and got home in the wee hours in the morning. Thanks for visiting the Windy City™ Nate. 

🥟 Pierogis

—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I saw a recipe for pierogis that looked simply divine so we decided to make it. My mom used to make Mrs. T’s pierogis for me and my siblings all the time which I loved. The ones I made were not as good lol. I used a wheat flour and rolled them a little too thin so it wasn’t as chewy as I would of liked. The filling was good though!

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🐐 Drake

—–Things I Saw

I got to see my favorite (read: greatest) rapper perform this month. And I say this every time I see him but it was the most amazing show. I saw him two years ago and he’s made some adjustments to the show. He uses a full LED stage the size of a basketball court to project various visuals onto the stage. This stage also gives a great vantage point for pretty much everyone. As you can imagine, I was yelling throughout the entire show. His performance pushes a ton of energy into the area that you can’t help but be hyped. 

🏈 Forty-Niners

—–Things I Saw

Growing up my Grandfather would always be yelling at the TV. He still yells at the TV and most of the time he was yelling at his favorite team the San Francisco 49ers. The boys and I went to see them play in my first NFL game ever! We told Chris we were taking him to the horse races for his birthday and as we were getting to the stadium, he looks outside the car window and says, “man looks like there’s a ball game today.” He says a few similar lines as we are literally driving into the parking lot of the stadium, still assuming we are going to the horse races 😂needless to say he was pleasantly surprised when we told him we already got tickets to the game. Happy birthday my dude!

👯‍♀️ Suzuki-Jones Sisters + Hammy

—–Things I Saw

Sophia’s sisters and Sophia's bff Lisa, made a trip up to San Francisco for a week and we did all the things: yoga, farmers markets, Drake after parties, yoga, ate Italian food, dancing, yoga, ate Korean food, and yoga. It was such a fun time! Visit any time lil bbs. 

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⚽️ Santa Clarita

—–Places I Went

My mom planned a trip down to see my sister play her first soccer game in college. And as my mom typically does she planned for me to come down and surprise my sister and it was a great success! We got to see my sister’s school and where she is living and from what I can tell she appears to be attending classes haha. We also celebrated my sister’s birthday at this really awesome mini amusement park. It had bumper boats, go karts, a rock wall, and lazer tag. I’m happy to report I beat everyone at lazer tag and I have the pictures to prove it. 

🌎 Universal Studios

—–Places I Went

There is one thing my mom loves more than surprising people… and that’s Harry Potter. While we were in Santa Clarita we made a trip down to Universal Studios to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My Grandmother was adamant on riding every ride and she did just that. My mom had one of those interactive wands so she was making things move around Hogsmeade. Ittai and Kevin got their hands on some micheladas. The rest of us just drank butter-beers. We literally rode every ride there and it was a great time.

👼 Angel Island

—–Places I Went

Sophia and I planned a lil date day that included a hike, some shopping, and some Irish coffees. We took the ferry out to Angel Island and did a few trails around the island. We had lunch on top of a mountain overlooking the city and it was just marvelous. We hopped back on the ferry and walked around Fisherman’s Wharf for a bit before ending at Buena Vista Cafe for a few Irish coffees.

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🙌 You made it to the bottom! Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) See you again next month! Three Things is a way to connect with my family and friends through photos and stories.

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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