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Three Things

March 2021 — Issue No. 87

Hello. This month we made our way back to San Francisco. My first reaction was, “wow this place is cold.” It was nice being back in our space and getting back to our plants (ty Emma bb for taking care of them). Funny enough, the same week we got back we just happened to see an apartment on Craig’s list and though “hmm, that’s a nice apartment.” A day later we signed the lease haha. More updates on that next month. My sister came to visit during her spring break. Another thing that happened is that I saved a family of kittens from a burning house and during the rescue I tore my MCL and ACL. But at least the kittens were safe… Ok so that didn’t happen but I did tear my MCL and ACL playing frisbee in the park with my sister but the kitten story is way less embarrassing. Not a fan of getting old, pretty soon I’ll need a hip replacement. The doctor said it wasn’t a bad tear so I’m gonna be in a brace for a month and reassess my options then. 

Things I Ate

Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Sophia likes when I made fried chicken sandwiches from Samin’s cookbook, Salt Fat Acid Heat. So I made her and her family these fried chicken sandwiches that are fried in clarified butter and v good. Aunty Gail (her mom) said she even liked them more than Popeye’s, which, if you know Sophia’s mom, is high praise.

Things I Ate

Furikake Chicken

For our last meal in Hawaii my mom made my my favorite dinner, furikake chicken. Its such a comforting meal. We had Nate and Candace over at my grandparents house and funny enough, Sophia and I were the only ones who weren’t vaccinated (must be nice). 

Things I Ate

Palm City Wines

Mattchu Yeet Cline introduced us to the amazing Palm City Wines by way of the incredible Omar. This place has it all, hoagies, wines, and more hoagies. We traded surfboards and beaches for hoagies and parks. We picked up a few sandwiches and had a chill day in the park. And by chill I mean got wine drunk and threw frisbees and injured knees right before moving houses (sorry Sophia). 

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Things I Saw

Bryson Tiller Concert

The week we got back we had Alaka’i and Diana over to watch a virtual Bryson Tiller concert. It was really the first one of these I’ve seen and it was really well done. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the live shows once I get the 5G in my arm.

Things I Saw

New House

Like I mentioned in the intro, we got a new place! It’s much bigger, has a lot of amazing light, and its in a great location! We can see Sophia’s school from our window! This will likely be the last place we live before moving back to Hawaii in a few years. Which is kinda cray. More pictures and updates to follow.

Things I Saw

Sister Spring Break

My sister spent a week with us in March during her spring break. We did things like, ate sushi, played Fortnite, went to the park, threw frisbees, tore ACLs, ate more sushi, and just chilled overall. It was great having her visit!

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Places I Went

Alaka’i & Diana

While my sister was here, Alaka’i and Diana had us over for dinner. They made an amazing spread of homemade kimchee cucumbers, kalbi lettuce wraps, and tofu dumpling soup. It was so good I’m pretty sure I had four servings. We also watched the new Justin Bieber music video, Peaches, which is a certified banger. 

Places I Went

Michael & Pallavi

At least once a week while I was in Hawaii I would get a text from Mike asking when I would be coming back. Well big guy, that day finally came. He and Pallavi immediately planned a dinner to welcome us back. We made pizza’s out on his deck (yes he has a deck) and drank copious amounts of red wine. It was a v nice evening. I finally got to me Mike’s lil (big) pup Archie! He was so fluffy and so sweet, can’t wait to hangout with him (and Mike) more.

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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