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October 2019 — Issue No. 70

Hola! This month I was a part of two big surprises, a couple of long drives, and as always a lot of eating. Things are going well at work I feel like I'm in the full swing of things and working on some cool projects. I also have some freelance work going on, so keeping very busy. Anyway, I'll let you get to it!

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

—–Things I Ate

I’ve made about 17 dishes from the cookbook and I’m hoping to add about 7 more by the end of the year. This month I made: a perfected version of Persian rice, slow roasted salmon with a soy glaze, butternut squash with Brussel sprouts, and chicken with lentil rice. I was super impressed with the golden crust on the Persian rice and I thought the chicken with lentil rice was very flavorful.


—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I went on a little date night this month to Spruce where we did a little sampling of the menu and it was quite delicious. Sophia usually tries to deter me from over-ordering—which rarely works—and I had a last minute add of a single mushroom ravioli which might have been the best thing we ate that night (you're welks).

Keiko à Nob Hill

—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I celebrated 2 years together this month! In the famous words of Uncle Mike, “feels like it's only been 5 minutes… underwater.” All joking aside it's been an amazing two years and we feel so lucky to have experienced this and to have found each other. Here's to many more years together 🥂

Ok, back to the food. We took a trip up Nob Hill to the Michelin-starred, Japanese-French restaurant. The ambiance was very cozy and the plating of each dish was expertly done. The standout dishes for me were the Hokkaido scallop with chanterelle and the Japanese snapper served with dashi in a tea kettle.

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Lil Liholiho

—–Things I Saw

At this point I should just have 6 things I ate… amirite folks. Matt, Maia, Michael (lol M’s), Sophia, and I made reservations at our favorite Hawaiian fusion restaurant in the Tenderloin. Unfortunately Matt was under the weather so he couldn't join. Turns out that Sophia gets 50% off through her school. Fifty. Percent. Off. We ordered like 8 things and it was all incredible as usual. After that dinner, we made reservations to go back next month with Alaka'i and Diana (actually at the time of this writing we're going back to Liholiho tonight lol).

Cannon, Beach

—–Things I Saw

My mom and I surprised my sister at her school in Portland—more on that later. One of the days we decided to drive out to the coast to Cannon Beach, known for its gigantic rock in the shallows of the beach. The drive out there was magical. Fall was in full effect. The roads weaved through these orange-brown-red-yellow trees all the way to the water. And boy was that rock cool. It's ginormous! Unfortunately, it started to drizzle once we got there so we didn't stay too long. We took our pictures and we're back on the road. 

Hardly Strictly

—–Things I Saw

Every year there's a free bluegrass concert in Golden Gate Park. It's so close and so free that you kinda have to go. We’ve had an absolute scorcher of a Fall (Global warming amirite) which made for excellent weather to be out in a park with the rest of San Francisco’s hippies. Also ran into an old co-worker from UserTesting, Mr. Kyle Chilcutt!

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Yosemite, California

—–Places I Went

I had never been to Yosemite and to be honest, I didn't know exactly where it was. Sophia and I drove up for a weekend and it was absolutely breathtaking. We hiked to Cathedral Falls and we did a quick hike up the Sentinel Dome. The views were unreal. Just surrounded by these gorgeous mountains and dramatic cliffs. 10/10 would climb again. 

Yosemite, California 2: The Sequel

—–Places I Went

Remember how I said “10/10 would climb again”? Yep, I went to Yosemite twice this month, the following week actually. 0 to 2 real quick. This time we celebrated Christian’s birthday in the great outdoors. Mike orchestrated to surprise Chris with our dear friend Nate. We ended up going out the night before and totally slept through our 4am departure time. We drove up a bit later and still managed to get get a few hikes in. Chris rented an Airbnb with a jacuzzi and we stayed in there for about three hours hanging out and looking at the stars. Happy birthday Chris!

Portland, Oregon

—–Places I Went

My sister has been a little homesick so my mom and I made a surprise visit to bring home to her! We did all kinds of things: watched her play soccer, drove out to the Oregon coast, visited a cheese factory, walked around a farmers market, scootered around, and ate all the biscuits. It was a really fun trip and I can't wait for us all to be together in December. 

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