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April 2018 — Issue No. 52

Greetings. I’ve been writing this newsletter for a little over six years now and—wow just saying that was kinda cool— I love being able to trade stories with you. I love being able to look back and recall the experiences I was going through at the time. It’s like my own little time machine. Each newsletter takes me about six hours to produce from selecting photos, to writing stories (complete with typos), and putting it all together. All I've gotta say is that I’ve never forgotten to write a single issue… until today when I got a text from my mother asking if I sent out this month’s newsletter haha.

Apologizes for the late send and thanks mom for always keeping me in check. On to the newsletter!

PS: OMG did y’all see Infinity War?!?


Carly L.

I found Jane in Denver and also found some pow.


Joyce O.

I never remember to take pics of our food-too busy eating. Here are some pics from the winter.

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🦐 Burma Bonanza

—–Things I Ate

I love this place. It’s a Burmese restaurant about 5 minutes away from my house. The lines are always so long, even at 2pm on a Friday, so we did the next best thing and ordered in. They are known for their tea leaf salad and I love the platha and dip, which is kinda like a flakey naan bread. All of it is delicious and I ate all of it.

🎣 Salmon Sundays

—–Things I Ate

The resident chef at 441 and my close confidant, Michael R. Kuykendall, made a delicious salmon Sunday dish for me, Sophia, Alakai, and Diana. He prepared a roasted salmon with lemon, a mushroom risotto with a pea puree, and a bread salad with arugula. It was tremendous and a great end to a Sunday.

Maia Mescolanza

—–Things I Ate

We go to Mescolanza every year for Maia’s birthday. Every year I go into the dinner with my mind set on a dish I’m going to get and every year I end up calling an audible, getting the special or something else that has piqued my interest. This year was different. I had a clear game plan to get the raviolis. So we all sit down to order, and what do you know? I actually get the raviolis! Crazy story huh? Happy belated birthday Maia, we love you!

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🦅 Bird

—–Things I Saw

Something has happened in San Francisco. One foggy morning last month these electric scooters began to pop up all around the city. Me, being an ultra-cool-guy who doesn’t partake in such nerd activities, completely wrote these scooters off. 

Something happened to me in San Francisco. One foggy morning this month I actually tried these nerd-scooters… and guess what? I liked it. From the sign up, to hopping on the nearest one, and riding, the experience couldn’t of been more easy. Sophia and I decided to find the nearest Birds and ride them through Golden Gate Park down to Ocean beach. It was so much fun and so easy to do. Will I ride them to work in my Birkenstocks, khakis, and Patagonia vest? No. But I will frickin zoom my neighborhood pretending I’m in a soundcloud rapper's very low budget music video.

🍸 George

—–Things I Saw

Part two of Maia’s birthday was a trip to St. George Spirits in Alameda for a factory tour. It was pretty neat! We learned about how gin is made and how absinthe got a bad rap from a smear campaign launched by some French scientist who injected mice with absinthe, which gave them seizures from which he deduced that they were hallucinating. We even got to try some absinthe (no hallucinations unfortunately). Pictured above is Michael saving me from falling gin-filled barrels—maybe he was hallucinating?

🚚 Grid

—–Things I Saw

Sophia’s BFF Lisa was able to squeeze in a quick trip up to SF so we did all the things! One of the things was go to the food truck extravaganza: Off The Grid. We ate, drank, and looked at dogs before heading out for the night.

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✨ Coachella: Day 01

—–Places I Went

Ok this is going to be a three part series because I feel like it. I had been looking forward to Coachella for about 10 months. There were a lot of moving parts and changes in plans, but everything worked out perfectly. Day one we got to see one of my favorite artists: Daniel Caesar, and he brought out H.E.R for my favorite song: Best Part. Day one was more about getting the lay of the land and getting ready for the next two days. SZA also brought out Kendrick for “Doves In The Wind” and “All The Stars” from Black Panther.

Last year I predicted Drake would make a guest appearance and he did. I predicted the same thing this year

🐝 Coachella: Day 02

—–Places I Went

Day two was all about Beyoncé. And wow. I have never seen a production so well executed before. It was like watching a live action music video for 2 hours. I felt like my brain couldn’t comprehend the performance so for most of her set my hands were on my head, jaw on the floor, standing in awe of a living legend. That was better than any Drake performance I’ve ever seen— I had to throw that in there so you know it’s real. 

I also got to see Tyler the Creator. I’ve had his last album on repeat since the end of last year, and I was really excited to see him. He did not disappoint. He was really dialed in and gave a really good performance. 

😱 Coachella: Day 03

—–Places I Went

Day three began with a few mishaps: one of our friends almost got arrested, one had to be taken to the emergency tent, and we lost Sophia’s sister Maya—Uncle Scott and Aunty Gail, if you’re reading this it was only for an hour and after I found her I never let her out of my sight. 

As soon as we got everyone settled, we had to run to catch Cardi B’s set. I, like most of America, love Cardi and her personality shines wherever she goes. She brought out hecka people, but I was most excited for Kehlani bc ily and Ring ft. Kehlani is one of my faves off her new album.

Miguel was great as always. And by the time Eminem came on to close out the festival, we were all fading fast from the past three days. It was an amazing time even though Drizzy didn’t make an appearance. Just all the planning and build up to the event and being able to just bask in it while you’re there is the pay off. I feel like I got one more in me before I need to hang up the #FestyBoy cape. Until then, see you next year. 😈

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🙌 You made it to the bottom! Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) See you again next month! Three Things is a way to connect with my family and friends through photos and stories.

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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