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March 2018 — Issue No. 51

Happy Monday! I was out of town 4 of the 5 weekends in March which was radical. I also started to refocus on my goals for the year and getting back on track there. I'm getting real excited for Cochella in two weeks 🙊

<<First Name>>, are you looking forward to any trips soon?

PS: Apologizes for the late send I had a technical snafu that sent the newsletter to myself... only.


Carly L.

Owen went crabbing and came back on Valentine's Day. He brought me back 1 octopus, 1 king crab, lots of tanner crab and enough snails for every one of my students to have a shell when we were done eating. We cooked them up and it was quite the delicious feast.


Nathan J.

A young Fletcher at sunset.

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🌮 Pepe's Tacos

—–Things I Ate

After a long day of eating seafood and drinking cervezas we ended up at Pepe’s Tacos for some late night tacos. I was full almost the entire trip to a uncomfortable level. But we made the trek and I’m happy we did. These were some of my favorite Al Pastor tacos of the trip. They also had these roasted pearl onions in soy sauce which were also amazing. I love tacos. 

🔥 Pastor De Kuykendall

—–Things I Ate

Theres a period of time after you return from a vacation it’s a haze really. The mashing of your vacation and reality. Until the two become one. We experienced this longing for what we had in Mexico and knowing that we could never truly go back (without actually going back) we decided to recreate a version of Mexico in San Francisco. We decided to make Al Pastor tacos like we had at Pepe’s. They were deliciouso. We did the pork in the oven and finished them under the broiler in a skillet. They were really quite lovely. I think I had about 8 tacos. 

🍝 Bolognese De Kuykendall

—–Things I Ate

Sometimes Michael sends me links to recipes he’s excited about. This month’s link was to Biba Caggiano’s world famey Bolognese Ragu via Martha Stewart

He decided to make the Bolognese with a homemade spinach fusilli pasta. 

It was amazing. The Bolognese was perfect and almost creamy. Resting on a bed of al dente noodles with a nice chew. We had a few friends over good food, red wine, come alive in the night time.

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🐕 Isle of Dogs

—–Things I Saw

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film by Wes Anderson since the first trailer dropped about a year ago. I got a group of 9 of us to go down to the Alamo Drafthouse Theather for a matinee during the weekend. 

I loved it. He has mastered his style of symmetrical shots, verbose script writing, terrible father figures, and perfect pacing. I will most likely see it again. Also I need to figure out how to be a part of a future film, a key grip, a logo, anything. 

I digress. We spent the rest of the day bar hopping around in the mission. Pro Tip: get the chicaronnes at El Techo. Life changing. 

🎓 University of San Francisco

—–Things I Saw

Maia, Antonia, and I had the opportunity to speak to senior design students at our Alma Mater. It brought back so many memories of late nights in the lab, exacto blade mishaps, and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Obviously, Maia and Antonia had a huge impact on my life during that time. Maia, would come sit with me in the lab and teach me all she knew about coding. Antonia made major moves and solidified an internship while we were still in school. She helped me get an internship at that same job where I stayed for 4 years! Love you both! 

👫 Aunt Candy & Uncle Mike

—–Things I Saw

Sophia and I had the humbling honor to dine with the world famous Aunty Candy and Uncle Mike. Aunty Candy selected a seafood restaurant in Little Italy. The standout dish was the octopus but the real breadwinner was.. the bread. Super soft and butter and just frickin delicious. We shared a few drinks and a few laughs and had a great time. 

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🇲🇽 Mexico

—–Places I Went

Matthew Trent Cline and Maia Brodie Olmstead are our favorite couple to travel with. We did a trial run in Napa one weekend and aside from renting an Airbnb with a low-key neo-nazi, it was a great time. We decided to up the stakes a little and book a flight to Mexico for an extended weekend. Our only objective was to relax like no one has relaxed before and we did just that. We spend all of our days at the pool and all of our nights eating food. I probably ate too much but You Only Eat Once or something like that. We had such an amazing time and I’m sure we’ll be planning another trip soon.

🏖 San Diego

—–Places I Went

I spent the first weekend of March in San Diego. Sophia and I both had quite a bit of work to do so we spent most of our time indoors. However we snuck away to visit most impressive farmers market I’ve been to in North America. They had it all: uni on the half shell, deep dish pizza, and homemade hummus and pita bread.

🌳 Joshua Tree

—–Places I Went

Three sisters. One desert. 
The Suzuki-Jones sisters planned a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree and graciously allowed me to tag along. I've always seen pictures of this place and said, "wow this is neat." When I was finally there I was like, "wow... this IS neat." The texture of rocks, muted color palette, and the overall vastness of the park was truly amazing. It really makes you feel so small. There's probably a good lesson there...

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