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February 2020 — Issue No. 74

Hello there,
I hope this message finds you well, also, what exactly does that mean? Anyway, we made it through the longest February in four years so congratulations. Sophia and I moved into our own place this month and our current favorite thing about being new house renters is sitting on the couch typing on our computers which is exactly what we are doing as I write this. I've been going strong on my resolutions which include cooking 120 recipes, running 600 miles, and reading 12 books. And since I like numbers so much I also did some extremely exact math to predict the probability of Frank Ocean headlining Outside Lands, read more here: Frank Ocean Probability Index.

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Alright, let's get to the images:

Almost Ranch

—–Things I Ate

Last month, I mentioned my mission to cook through all 120 recipes in the cookbook, Nothing Fancy. At the time of this writing, I’m still on track to make good on that resolution. I’ve really enjoyed cooking from this book the recipes are straightforward and have been a hit. Like this dip: sour cream, scallions, chili flakes, and oil, perfect for dipping crudités at dinner parties. 

Also I made a website to track my progress:

Kuykendall Ramen

—–Things I Ate

Michael had us over for some homemade pork ramen this month. He even made a vegetable broth for a vegetable ramen and shrimp gyoza for our pescatarian friends #inclusive.

Chestnut Doppio Ravioli

—–Things I Ate

Sophia had a rough week at work so to make her feel better we went to the Michelin-starred Spruce (which is now just a short walk away) for a burger and our new favorite: a doppio ravioli. It’s just one ravioli per serving but it’s plated well and it’s v tasty!

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The Layover

—–Things I Saw

My sister met up with my mom and grandma in Palm Springs to visit my Great Aunt and Great Uncle. She had a 3-hour layover in San Francisco. So I picked her up and we got In-N-Out near the airport and hung our for 2-ish hours. It was a short trip but I'm happy I got to see her. 

Nathan Owen Pascal Johnson

—–Things I Saw

Our BFF Nathan Owen Pascal Johnson, blessed us with his presence this month. Candace, his GF, was surprising her dad for his birthday. They asked Mike and I make some barbecue so we made some ribs, pulled pork, beans, and potato salad. Nate came back to the city for a grand ol time of drinking and joke-telling. 

This is honestly the only picture I have of us that isn't completely blurry.

Ka'ikena Scanlan

—–Things I Saw

Christian introduced me to this Hawaiian artist last year. He has one absolute banger of a song. When Maia told us he was opening for The Green, we had to go. He's just as Hawaiian as his name suggests. He came out with no footwear, aloha shirt, and a huge beard. Basically, Christian on any given weekend. What I really admired about his performance was that he was using music to spread the Hawaiian language. He did covers of songs in Hawaiian and as I looked out in the crowd, everyone—including myself—was captivated by it. 13/10 would see him again. 

Also, shout out Maia for the amazing tickets! #utu

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New House Who Dis?

—–Places I Went

Sophia and I moved into our own place on the first of February.! The past 29 days we've been moving our old stuff in, going to IKEA, buying things on Amazon, going back to IKEA, hanging up string lights, more shopping online, and one more trip to IKEA. We’re feeling moved in and it feels nice to have our own place. We miss Mike and Christian terribly though. In fact, Christian has been over every weekend since we’ve been gone haha. 

New Route Who Dis?

—–Places I Went

With a new house comes a new running route. I’m still chasing my 600 miles and 3 half-marathon resolution and on the way there I picked up some new sights. We’re a little closer to Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding Presidio Heights area, so I’ve been finding new routes and new views. Excited to keep exploring the area!

First Dinner

—–Places I Went

We had our first dinner in the new place with old friends. I did five—count it—five dishes from Nothing Fancy. It was a great first dinner in the new house :)

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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