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Three Things

September 2020 — Issue No. 81


September 2020, who would of thought? Not me.

Things I Ate

🐔 Hot questions and even hotter wings

I’ve always wanted to partake in the Hot Ones challenge, a challenge where you eat very spicy hot wings and answer questions. Disclaimer, I don’t LOVE chicken wings and I don’t care for spicy food and/or hot sauce. So a challenge built on chicken wings and spicy hot sauce doesn’t really seem on-brand for me. However, this challenge is popular on the internet and I love the internet so… challenge on! We tried 4 sauces: The Classic (1/10 spice), Los Calientes Rojo (5/10 spice), Thor’s Hammer (7/10 spice), and finally The Last Dab XXX (10/10 spice). In the show, when the celebrities reach the final wing, they are in tears and can barely hold it together while answering questions. This was much like our experience. I looked around the room and everyone including myself was crying. The last dab was so spicy it put us in a state of euphoria, motor, and cerebral functions came screeching to a halt as we attempted to survive. Eventually, we all did survive. Although the next day was not a pleasant sight.

Things I Ate

🇫🇷 Fine dining from your living room

At the beginning of quarantine, I made it a point to do weekly take-out dinners from great restaurants. We put that on pause for a few months. Partly because I’ve been cooking more and partly because we can’t stop ordering from RT Rotisserie. I found myself rewatching episodes of Chef’s table during lunch which has also become my habit and I watched the episode with Dominique Crenn, a world-renowned chef whom—among other accomplishments—became the first woman to earn two Michelin stars. We ordered the 7-course meal kit and it was truly amazing. Each dish was paired with an online video of the chefs instructing how to reheat and plate the dishes. While it doesn’t hold a candle to being in the restaurant having the meal prepared by professionals, it’s nice to connect with restaurants in this way.

Things I Ate

🍅 Tomatoes and a yellow watermelon

I spent the last month cooking a lot of tomato dishes from Six Seasons. I made tomato rubbed toast, spicy tomato and melon salad, Israeli-spiced tomatoes, tomato soup, and grilled green tomatoes. As I said, I cooked a lot of tomato dishes. I also purchased a sweet yellow watermelon from the farmer’s market which was a first for me. I’m really enjoying this book so far and I’ve completed the website for it too!

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Things I Saw

🥵 And it was all red-yellow

On September 9th, I, along with all of San Francisco woke up to a dystopian world. The entire sky was engulfed in a red-yellow hue caused by the wildfires in Northern California. I left my house to get a better look and it was really something out of a movie. The few people out were but oblong shadows slowly moving in the distance. Time seemed to stand still as it felt like night for lasted for 24 hours. I walked back to my apartment to continue typing on a tiny screen, looking out the tiny window at the red-yellow sky.

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Places I Went

🦦 Monterey, California

Mike’s family invited us down to Monterey for the weekend to escape the city and the smoke. Michael’s mother, who runs a surgery program at a hospital, had HEPA filter air purifiers and disinfection stations in every room. She was prepared. Mike made some excellent pizza and some smokey bbq ribs over the weekend. It was nice to see the Kuykendalls I haven’t seen them all year!

And yes Birk, maybe it wasn't the best idea to have an open flame while half of the state was on fire, and maybe next time you should be there so that we avoid such mistakes.

Places I Went

🏊‍♂️ Nevada City

We took a long weekend trip up to Nevada City to celebrate the birth of our dear friend Matthew James Cline. His one wish? Everyone gets tested before attending the celebrations. With negative tests, we drove 3 hours North to Nevada City, which technically isn't in Nevada. It was a great weekend. Michael again made pizza and BBQ (I’m noticing a trend here) and we went to the nearby lake for hard-seltzers and belly laughs. 

Places I Went

🍹 Pacific Cocktail Haven

We haven’t really dined/drank-ed at a restaurant in the past 7 months. So when we had the opportunity to meet up with Matt and Maia at a bar we jumped at the chance. Its been very interesting to see how each restaurant sets up its parklet and type of service. While it was different then bellying up to a full bar, it was nice to drink a cocktail made by a professional. We had a few drinks, ordered some lumpia, and settled into our new normal.

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Three Things is a way to connect with my family and friends through photos and stories.

🙌 You made it to the bottom. Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) see you again next month!

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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