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June 2019 — Issue No. 66


June was filled with lots of meetings and lots of cool things in the works. We hired a new VP of Product Design at UserTesting, I've been working on some freelance work with GoSwim which is going well, and I added a new case study to my website:

Sophia and I are spending the Fourth of July in San Diego with Emma and Maya and I'm looking forward to my family coming to visit at the end of this month (but not looking forward to running this marathon).


Emma SJ

Background music to picture: “Waterfalls by TLC”
I visited my best friend Hlíf in Iceland this June and this day we ran behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall! The photo was taken at 8:30pm (the sun never set once the whole week I was in Iceland).


Sophia SJ

Last field trip of the school year with my amazing co-teacher and friend, Rosie, to Angel Island! ❤️

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Kalua Pig

—–Things I Ate

Alaka’i and Diana had us over for a Hawaiian classic: Kalua Pig. We brought over some poke and edamame. They tried to make me watch Chernobyl that night but I was like nope I do not need to see what happens to people when a nuclear plant erupts—apparently, it’s a pretty good show though.

Chicken Sandwich

—–Things I Ate

Later that month we had Alakai and Diana over for dinner, Sophia and I made chicken sandwiches and cabbage slaw from Salt Fat Acid Heat. The recipe instructed to cook the chicken in clarified butter which made it super tender and super juicy. Sophia, who usually saves half of her meals for later only saved a fourth of the chicken sandwich because she enjoyed it so much. Would recommend that recipe to a friend.  


—–Things I Ate

Maia and I grabbed dinner at a new restaurant in Japantown, Sasa. It was quite tasty we both got rolls but decided he toro was best (so we got additional orders of that). Then we went to Hotel Kabuki to play Pokémon Go and drink their Japanese inspired cocktails. 

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—–Things I Saw

We had a heatwave in San Francisco. I think it got up to 100° in some places. These days are few and far between so every living soul makes their way to the nearest park to soak up the sun. Patagonia jackets are left at home and non-GMO sunscreen gets slathered on. Sophia and I met up with her friends at a recurring food truck pop up in the Presidio. We got our favorite truck, The Chairman, and drank some spiked ice tea in the sweltering heat.


—–Things I Saw

A few of us from UserTesting participated in a kickball tournament for charity. It was right in Golden Gate Park and it was a feel-good excuse to take a day off of work. Our team was undefeated going into the playoffs until a few botched calls landed us in 4th place. We’re filing a petition with the National Kickball League of North America on this preposterous outcome!

Coheed & Cambria

—–Things I Saw

When my brother was 13-14 he decided to paint his room red with a few black accents. Inspiration he got from his favorite band: Coheed and Cambria. He had the full emo swipe and despised the beach. Fast-forward thirteen years and he’s a long-haired Kanaka Maoli who speaks for the trees. But deep down he is still that same kid with that same love for Coheed and Cambria. As fate would have it he would be in town on one of their tour stops, so we all went. I know two songs but we were all head-banging our way through the set. I’ve never seen Ittai so happy and he looked right at home with his fellow long haired emo boyz.

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San Luis Obispo

—–Places I Went

At the beginning of this month, we took a quick weekend trip down to San Luis Obispo to see Alexx and Kevin. We went wine tasting, walked along the pier, surfed, and stayed a sweet house right on the beach. It was a nice little weekend trip!

Pebble Beach

—–Places I Went

Michael was a rising golf star at his high school. He once used a 3-wood to birdie the 14th green nearly missing the bunker (I don’t golf or know anything about golf, I do have a mean mini-putt game though…) For his birthday, Christian and I took him down to Pebble Beach for the US Open Championships. It was a beautiful day walking around the course watching guys just absolutely crush golf balls. Some guys even hit them into the crowd which made things a little more exciting. Also, they don’t yell “FORE” like in the movies. It was a really fun time! 


—–Places I Went

Sophia’s friends came up to visit from Hawaii and we went to see DJ HAPABOY perform at the infamous day party: Sundaze. That place is always such a whirlwind and always a great time. We ended up closing the place down with some other islanders singing J Boog at the top of our lungs.

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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