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Three Things

January 2021 — Issue No. 85

What a wild and wacky start to the year huh? An insurrection, impeachment, and inauguration through the first three Wednesdays and on the fourth Wednesday, the internet banded together to take on hedge funds and Wall Street.

In better news, Sophia celebrated her 29th birthday on the first and my grandparents and mom have received their first shots! Sophia and I are still in Hawaii and will likely be here until March (sorry Mike). I watched all seven seasons of Clone Wars, the animated series, which was just great. Have you been watching anything good recently?

My goals this year are to:

📚 Read 6 books
👩‍🍳 Cook through six seasons
🚴🏽‍♂️ Peloton 3 times a week
🤐 Intermittent fast throughout the week
🎞 Develop 6 rolls of film
🏡 Design and develop Datapad, a side project with my good friend Michael and Matthew
👨🏽‍💻 Redesign my personal website

Things I Ate

Six Seasons

I have not been great at keeping up with this project! My mom told me it was challenging to get the ingredients here in Hawaii and I only half believed her. I could not find turnips, rutabaga, or celery root anywhere, which puts me in a pickle because all of the winter season focuses on those three vegetables. I did manage to make eight recipes this month with the help of my mom (thanks mom!)

Pictured above is a battered and fried cabbage. Yum.

Things I Ate

2x Buzz

Buzz’s is the only “fancy” restaurant in Kailua and it is usually at the top two (and it's not two) on the list of places to go when I’m back home. I went twice this month. One was for Sarah’s goodbye dinner and the other was a date night with Sophia. Both times were excellent and both times I got the sashimi. 

Things I Ate

Dim Sum Night

My grandmother really wanted to have a family dim sum night so my mom went to work making a roast pork, char siu pork, crispy gau gee, steamed buns, pork pot stickers, and her world famous stir fry noodles. It was all amazing as usual. I think Sophia had thirds of the noodles.

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Things I Saw

Maita'i Catamaran

Nathan Oneawa Palolo Johnson invited Sophia, Ittai, and me out to a catamaran cruise over a weekend. It was a beautiful day out on the water. We did such things as drank maitais, backflipped off the boat, and took hecka pictures. 

Things I Saw

Couples Massage

Sophia loves to remind me when she needs a massage which tends to be every moment she's awake. Being the 3-time boyfriend of the year, I usually oblige her. But sometimes the boyfriend of the year needs a break and maybe HE needs a massage? Fellas, amirite? I booked us a couples massage at this place downtown and it was just what we needed. 

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Places I Went

The Deck

Went to this cool outdoor bar/restaurant overlooking Waikiki and Diamond Head. It was especially beaut at sunset. I wish there was a cool outdoor bar like this in Kailua. And no, Uncle Rich, the bar at Whole Foods doesn't count no matter how many times you go there. 

Places I Went

The Beach

Holy moley we’ve been going to the beach a lot. I think there were only three days this month that we did not go to the beach in some capacity. I think eventually we’ll make our way back to SF but I will definitely miss these days. 

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Three Things is a way to connect with my family and friends through photos and stories.

🙌 You made it to the bottom. Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) see you again next month!

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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