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August 2019 — Issue No. 68

Good morning and happy weekend! As you read this from the comfort of your gorgeous sectional couch looking out through your bay windows, Michael and I are eating barbecue in the heart of Texas. We'll be here through the weekend and then I'm off to Mexico for an Eat, Pray, Love trip (Sophia's words not mine) before I start my new job...

Darren!? A new job? How? Who? Where? If only there was a collection of images and text that told me everything you were up to in excruciating detail, oh wait.



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🌮 Braised Pork Tacos

—–Things I Ate

Earlier this month I was feeling guilty for not holding up my cooking goal, so I decided to have a few friends over for some braised pork tacos, refried beans, Mexican rice, and pickled jalapeños. Alakai and Diana brought over chiqui and we played what do you meme. 

🔥 Barbecue Ribs

—–Things I Ate

Mike had been fixin’ to make barbecue for some time. He decided to make some ribs, mac and cheese, and a few sausages on the grill. We invited Matt, Will, and Von over for meats and laughs. 

🇫🇷 Ratatouille 

—–Things I Ate

I made the Sophia-favorite, Pixar-inspired Ratatouille this month. Funny story, I haven’t made this dish in a long time because that last time I did I drizzled too much basil-olive oil over it and Sophia did not like that. Not. One. Bit. So this time I restrained myself and all parties were happy with the outcome—phew 😅

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👩🏽‍🏫 Ms. Jones

—–Things I Saw

Sophia started at her new school this month! She has her first classroom teaching first graders how to navigate letters, numbers, and the world. We spent a few days getting her class set-up with an ocean theme. She’s a few weeks in and really loving it!

🍽 OpenTable

—–Things I Saw

I also started something new. I’ll be joining OpenTable next month as a Senior Product Designer on their restaurant apps. I’ve grown so much at UserTesting. They’ve given me an opportunity to begin my career in product design and I’m forever grateful. I’m really excited to start this new chapter and you can expect a lot more food pics 😋

👟 Streetlight Manifesto

—–Things I Saw

Streetlight Manifesto is to Maia as Drake is to Darren. We celebrated Maia’s 20th time seeing the band. Michael and Sophia also joined and got to experience a ska mosh pit which is basically a chill version of a regular mosh pit in a very uniform circle and just as sweaty. It was hecka fun would go with Maia to watch them for the 21st time. 

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Day 01 - OSL

—–Places I Went

Outside Lands, a magical music festival nestled deep within in Golden Gate Park’s pine and redwood trees. Sophia’s sisters (including Lisa) drove up from Southern California to dance in the forest with us. Also, shout out to Alakai and Diana for letting us stay at their place over the weekend which was basically at the entrance of the festival. 

I got to the festival a little late on the first day but still made it in time for Lil Wayne. I also really enjoyed San Holo’s set which was right at sunset. 

Day 02 - OSL

—–Places I Went

Day two was my first full day in the park. Lisa, her brother, and I snuck away to see Ella Mai who was frickin amazing. We all regrouped for Childish Gambino’s headlining set. I had heard mixed reviews from his performance at Coachella earlier this year so I was excited but wasn’t expecting too much. He was amazing. He is a true performer. He was running around getting the crowd hyped and really giving it his all up there. 

Day 03 - OSL

—–Places I Went

The third days of these things are always pretty challenging to get started. We also had work the next day so we made a vow to take it easy. We broke that vow. Somehow we all partied the hardest of the whole weekend! It was 10 pm and we were still in the thick of the forest listening to Kygo’s headlining set. Monday was rough but I regret nothing. Such a fun weekend with all the sissies!

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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