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August 2018 — Issue No. 56

Good morning! As you read this I am on my FINAL trip to San Diego. 

Mom, before you frantically call and ask how Sophia and I are doing, we are fine. Better than fine actually. I’m here to help her pack because she is moving in with me! 


Yes, Dad, I know it’s a big step but I think we are both as prepared as we can be and I’m super excited to have her in the same city as me for a change.

Mike, this doesn’t change anything between us. You’ll always be my first. 

Also, I saw Crazy Rich Asians and dang it was amazing. It was funny, it was feels, it had it all. Go see it. 


Nathan J.

Fletcher’s first trip to the sandbar


Antonia H.

We went to a Michelin star restaurant called Glass Hostaria in Roma, where we had the chef’s choice which encompassed a 10-course meal. The pictured is the 9th course: chamomile and pollen (which we thought was going to be tea). It was all kinds of beautiful and delicious.

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🍝 Pasta Bolognese

—–Things I Ate

A group of us went to Outside Lands, a three-day music festival in San Francisco. Aside from the music I was very interested in eating all the things. The best thing I ate was this Pasta Bolognese. It was cheesy and creamy and cheesy. I took bites while running to see Daniel Caesar. I also gave out a few bites to fellow festival patrons who share the same affinity for cheesy pasta. 

💨 Smoked Meat Fridays

—–Things I Ate

Michael was graciously nominated to cook some bbq for an office tailgate at a baseball game for 50 people. He single-handedly smoked a brisket, ribs, and pork butt. He also made beans and mac and cheese. He left Christian and I some and boy was it delicious. The brisket was so heckin tender and the beans were delicious. Somehow my and Christian’s invites to the tailgate were lost in the mail.

🍋 Lemon Pancakes

—–Things I Ate

On an exceptionally foggy Saturday morning I went for a run and all I could think about was eating pancakes. So when I got home I ate pancakes. I employed the French technique of sifting powdered sugar on said pancakes. 

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👟 Jordan

—–Things I Saw

When I started at UserTesting 2 years ago I met Alan “Botboy” Hon and he introduced me to the sneakerhead world. I’ve been eyeing a pair of the Jordan 3’s and they were recently re-released and that was a sign that it was time to commit and cop some heat for my feet. I wore them for the first time about 2 weeks ago. They looked great, I felt great, it was great.

⚾️ Giant

—–Things I Saw

Alakai Kamaaina Kotrys texted me on a Tuesday and asked if I wanted to accompany him to a baseball game. I was like frig it, let’s go. His company had planned an outing to get his team together. Also, did you know he works for Salesforce because he works for Salesforce. It was super fun each of the tickets had money on it for food and drink so we got a few beers, a gyro, a brisket sandwich, and a clam chowder bowl (we were hungry). 

🌿 Grass

—–Things I Saw

I flew down to San Diego a few days early to celebrate Mayita's birthday and we went to this cool speakeasy in the back of a poke shop. We shared these amazing pork belly baos and all of our drinks had an entire piece of fruit in them.

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🌼 Outside Lands, Golden Gate Park

—–Places I Went

Sophia, Alexx, Kevin, Christian, Paulo, Alaka’i, and Diana got together to attend the three-day festival in Golden Park. The one artist I wanted to see dropped out and the second artist had issues with their set and only played 2 songs. All that and I still had an amazing time. My favorite act was Tycho—who I thought was a DJ—they played their chill instrumentals with a full band against a setting sun. It was so fun running around, listening to new music, and eating all the things. 12/10 would OSL again. 

🏌️‍♂️ Stagecoach Greens, San Francisco, CA

—–Places I Went

For Matthew Reginald Cline’s birthday, a group of us went to the recently opened Stagecoach Greens, a unique miniature golf experience that tells the history of San Francisco one hole at a time. I was a few strokes behind first place but I definitely beat Mike. However, Mike did make the 18th hole winning him a grab bag of useless knickknacks. After golf, we went to a music-festival-block-party for some live music and libations. 

🌊 Santa Cruz, California

—–Places I Went

Christian likes being outdoors and driving his car. So we drove his car to the outdoors of Santa Cruz. We walked down the boardwalk, ate garlic fries, and did some shopping. 

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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