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July 2019 — Issue No. 67

Greetings <<First Name>>,

July was a huge month for ya boy. I celebrated my 29th birthday, planned a week-long trip for my family, and ran my first marathon. Also refocused on the goals I made at the beginning of the year. Onward and upward


Carly L.

I went to strawberry heaven. 


Anna R.

You should be like, "I'm the one Drake was cheering for."

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🌙 Moongate Lounge

—–Things I Ate

Alaka’i and I went to Moongate Lounge for this birthday. It’s a cool/new spot attached to the amazing Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown. And boy was it loungey. We sat on a couch and ate on a side table but the casual interior did not represent their precise and deliberate drink and food offerings. They had lots of small plates so naturally, we got one of everything. Each dish was incredible (maybe not the lamb skewers) my favorite dish was the salt and pepper squid. The crisp from the tempura and the tenderness of the squid was chefs kiss. We will be returning soon. 


—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I made a spontaneous reservation for the Italian restaurant nestled in the Fillmore district. We sat at the bar, ordered a bottle of wine, and flipped through the pages of the menu selecting dishes to share. It had been a while since we had a night like that. Life always seems to get in the way and that night we recommitted to making times for nights like that. 😘

🥩 House of Prime Rib

—–Things I Ate

For the last seven or so years, I’ve been celebrating my birthday at the House of Prime Rib. This year I added my grandma, aunts, and uncles to the club. There was a moment looking across the two tables management had pushed together to seat all thirteen of us that I felt incredibly lucky. Lucky to have loving family trade laughs with loyal friends over an amazing meal. Birthdays are great times to look toward the future and while I have a lot left to accomplish I felt complete in that present moment. ily. 

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⚾️ Baseball

—–Things I Saw

Our first event when my family arrived in San Francisco was a baseball game. My Grandma told me the last time she was at a game everyone was required to keep score. I assured her that we had the technology to handle that for us now and that she could watch the game in peace. We sat in the bleachers near the outfield and got all the ball park favorites; hot dogs, burgers, nachos, pizza, and crab sandwiches. It’s a good thing we were running a 26-mile race later that week. 

🏃🏽‍♂️ Marathon

—–Things I Saw

Back in January, I had casually texted the family group chat to see if there was any interest in running the San Francisco Marathon this year. My Father, never one to shy away from competition, was all in and so was my Brother. My Mom helped organize a family trip which included my Grandmother, Sister, and Aunt with multiple events all culminating at the end of a twenty-six-mile race. Running this race through a sleepy San Francisco with 26,000 other runners was pretty amazing. Sophia helped shuttle my non-running family around to meet us at various points throughout the race.

We felt strong through the first 19 miles and started to slow down a bit after that. We started cramping up and took time to walk when we needed to. With whatever energy we had left we made a run for the last 1.5 miles to the finish line. It felt good to accomplish something we said we’d do at the beginning of the year. I’m already planning another race with Mike, Christian, and Nate this year!

🍞 Gluten

—–Things I Saw

This is technically a thing I ate but I don’t give a h*ck. Michael made us a meal full of gluten the night before our race and he pulled out all the stops. He started with handmade pasta rolled into lasagna sheets and lathered creamy béchamel sauce between nine, count em, nine layers of pasta. Did he stop there? No. He did not. He moved on to handmade pappardelle noodles that wrapped around sautéed squid and shrimp. As I said, he pulled out all the stops. The meal was tremendous and prepared us with enough energy and gluten for the race.

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🌴 San Diego

—–Places I Went

Sophia and I drove down to San Diego to celebrate America’s birthday. We spent the long weekend with her sisters and her friends. We went to the beach, ate great vegan food, and did yogas, you know, classic Suzuki-Jones stuff. 

⛵️ Sausalito

—–Places I Went

My Grandma wanted to take the ferry across the bay to Sausalito for lunch. So we took the ferry across the bay to Sausalito for lunch. My Grandma grew up sailing on her father’s boat, The Sandy Kay, and her affinity for the water has never waned. I’m pretty sure that was her favorite activity of the whole trip. 

🍷 Wine

—–Places I Went

A major stop during our family trip—aside from the marathon—was a night in Napa, California. My Uncle Ian, Aunt Kate, and Cousin Charlotte from Canada joined us for a day of wine tasting and a night of bbq and laughs. My Grandmother loves Cline winery, they stock their wines at her favorite store: Costco. We made sure to make a trip to Cline and left with several bottles. Every winery we went to we somehow managed to leave with more wine than the last place. 

Sidenote: when it came time to pack up for the family to travel back to Hawaii we spent a good 20 minutes weighing bags and distributing said bottles of wine.  

At night we barbecued some steaks, drank Cline wine, and played drinking games well into the evening. It was a quick trip but a lot of lasting memories were made there.

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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