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March 2019 — Issue No. 63

Guten Tag <<First Name>>,
Still reeling off my trip to Japan I attempted to assimilate back into life in San Francisco. I did some hangouts with friends, took a drive along the California coast, and found a new sushi place to keep me satisfied until I can get back to Nihon. I'm working on a cool project at work redesigning our navigation and on the side I'm slowly—but surely—redesigning my personal website. Hope you had a great March, onward to April!


Tori C.

A trip to the UAE just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi!!


Nathan J.

Friends trip to Oregon for a little snowboarding and a lotta drankin 

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Kuykendall Kurry

—–Things I Ate

Early this month Michael approached me with an idea to cook dinner on Saturday night. It was revolutionary. We planned a meal that consisted of:

Agadashi Tofu
Potato Croquettes
Ebi Katsu
Japanese Curry

It was most excellent. We ate, we drank, and we played an intense game of What Do You Meme.

Avocados, Beets, Citrus, Oh My!

—–Things I Ate

I’m still working my way through Samin’s, Salt Fat Acid Heat. I made a few dishes from her book this month. I was really impressed with a citrus salad with beets, onions, and avocados. On paper those items sound strange together but the result is this light and flavorful collection of beautiful ingredients. 

Corn Soup

—–Things I Ate

I’ve been trying to make this corn soup since I started this endeavor to cook through Salt Fat Acid Heat. I could never find corn at the market. Apparently vegetables have seasons or something? Anyway I settled on some GMO corn from Safeway (I’m not sure there were GMOs I’m just assuming Safeway has GMO food). I finally got to make this dang soup! What was cool about this dish is you make a corn stock by boiling the cobs for a bit to make the base. Sophia and I also picked up a g o r g e o u s asiago loaf from the market and I made some grilled cheeses to accompany the soup. 

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—–Things I Saw

So Alaka’i did a thing. He and Diana went to get her mom a present for her birthday. They decided on a lil pupper. However upon meeting Chiqui they couldn’t give her up. So they told Diana’s mom that something fell through and they kept the dog. This frickin dog is cute af. Congrats on your first dog-child!


—–Things I Saw

The Academy of Sciences hosts an event every Thursday after hours called Night Life, that features drinks, exhibitions, and planetarium shows. We went with Emily and Tyten to Night Life for a themed event called: Dino Days. They had it all; animatronic dinosaurs, a full orchestra playing the theme music to Jurassic Park, and planetarium show all about comets. 

Mission Bowling Club

—–Things I Saw

I’ve always wanted to go to this place and finally got the opportunity this month. Sophia’s coworker at the school had her birthday there and I got to meet all her teacher friends and even her principal haha. I had a delicious old fashioned and really well done french fries. I was terrible at bowling but it was a super fun night. 

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All-Star Alums

—–Places I Went

Maia met at the University of San Francisco while I was struggling to learn how to make a website. Many years have passed and I still struggle with making websites but we are alums now! We went back for the 15th year anniversary of our department this month to catch up with old professors, meet new graduates, and do some wicked cool screw printing. 

Oracle Park

—–Places I Went

Michael texted Christian and I on a Tuesday at Noon and asked if we wanted to go to a baseball game that night. Now if you’re not big sportsman like myself, you wouldn’t know there’s an Oracle arena in Oakland where the Golden State Warriors BASKETBALL team plays. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go all the way to Oakland but Mike assured me there’s a difference between the game with the big orange ball and the small white one. And we were off. In my defense the baseball stadium just changed names a few months ago… I digress. It was an exhibition game so we went to check out the “new” stadium and new food vendors for relatively cheap tickets. It was pretty neat.

San Diego

—–Places I Went

Sophia has this thing called “spring break” which is a name I haven’t heard in years. So she decided to drive down to San Diego to hangout with her sisters. I flew down over the weekend to meet her and drive back up with her. We also got to see my sister and Sophia’s bff Lisa. It was a super fun weekend. We made some food, I tried my hand at making Manhattans (they were decent), and we did some yoga (obvi). The drive back was long and arduous but we persevered through. 

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✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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