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December 2018 — Issue No. 60

Happy New Year <<First Name>>,

The end of the year Three Things is always a bit late as I’m spending time with family and friends trying to soak it all in.

2018 was a very good year: I went to a few music festivals, released a lot of big projects at work, my best friend Christian moved in, went to Mexico twice, went to my first NFL game, my little sister graduated high school and went to college, I turned 28, I ate a lot of amazing food and my girlfriend moved in with me!

I have three goals in 2019:

1. Read 12 books
2. Cook my way through a cookbook
3. Hire a personal trainer

Would love to hear your goals or cool things you accomplished last year. Wishing you health and happiness in the new year.




I went to Maui for my first Thanksgiving



I ran and somehow completed the Honolulu Marathon! I did not train properly and was definitely not prepared for the physical pain that lasted through and after the marathon. 

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🍲 Cioppino

—–Things I Ate

Since I didn’t get the invite to the Kuykendall Thanksgiving in the Caribbean 🙄, the Kuykendalls came down to San Francisco for one last dinner before the year was up. Aunty Candy made a delicious Cioppino and Uncle Mike made some strong Manhattans. 

🤙 Liholiho Yacht Club

—–Things I Ate

ANNOUNCEMENT: Maia, Matt, Mike, Will, Sophia, and myself are going to Japan next month! We decided to book a reservation at Liholiho to finalize some last touches on our itinerary. We ordered all the drinks, ate all the food, and didn’t really do any planning. But we’re all so excited!

🌴 Willow Tree

—–Things I Ate

Willow Tree remains my favorite restaurant in Hawaii. It’s always consistent and always delicious. We usually eat there (which is my preferred method of eating Willow Tree) because they serve each dish with this turnip soup that tastes like briny sea water—in a delicious kind of way. I will continue to dine at this establishment whenever I am back home.

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❄ UserTesting Holiday Party

—–Things I Saw

We had our annual holiday party at UserTesting this month. It was out in San Jose and despite the distance, it was really fun! They hired a magician followed by some light-hearted dancing. We ended up getting home at 4 am! What am I 22 or something?!

💁🏼‍♀️ Mom's Holiday Party

—–Things I Saw

My mom loves throwing parties. Her favorite (I think) is her annual Christmas party. This year she made an amazing prime rib with all the side dishes you could ever want. We also threw a few curveballs at her by constraining some dishes to be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. I think she passed with flying colors. She loves to cook but she really loves the game portion of the night. She divided us up into teams and we played a handful of Christmas themed games. Everyone always goes home with a prize. Can’t wait to see what she plans for next year!

👯‍♀️ Pairing Holiday Party

—–Things I Saw

Nathan and Candace threw a party of their own this year. A pairing party where each guest brings an appetizer and drink paring of their choice. It was a lot of fun and featured a lot of delicious pairings. I still cant get over the Oreo mochi. It was so soft and the Oreo filling was the perfect compliment. I can tell you that I am going to ask the baker of those mochis if she delivers to San Francisco. Nate and Candace also had prizes which ya boy (me) took home a few. 

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🥟 Chubby Noodle

—–Places I Went

Zoë and I wanted to plan a boozy brunch one Sunday and we finally made it happen. We went to the prestigious establishment: Chubby Noodle for Asian fare, hip-hop, and copious amounts of drinks. I’d say we had a successful boozy brunch because we all stumbled over to the next bar to continue the afternoon. 

🏈 Seahawks @ 49ers

—–Places I Went

Christian Redongo likes what he likes: camo shorts, top ramen, and the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks came to town this month to take on the no-good-season-having, worst-record-losing team, the San Francisco 49ers. In November we watched them get absolutely crushed by the Rams so I didn’t have high hopes. But, it’s always fun giving Christian a hard time. We tailgated with a few friends (whats up Dustin and Natalie) before going into the stadium. It started to rain in the 4th quarter and continued to do so into overtime. With minutes left the 49ers stunned the Seahawks with a late field goal to secure a victory. It turned out to be a pretty amazing game and all the trash talking during the game was just as amazing. 

🌺 Hawaii

—–Places I Went

I love being home over the holidays. Hawaii is a pretty special place that is always, unequivocally itself. Its looks may have changed over the years but there is still those core values of family, community, and respect that holds everything together. It’s a good place to recharge. It’s a good place to reflect the emotions of the past year. It’s a good place to begin a new year. Very grateful for my family and friends that continue to keep Hawaii, my home.  

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🙌 You made it to the bottom! Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) See you again next month! Three Things is a way to connect with my family and friends through photos and stories.

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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