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July 2018 — Issue No. 55

As Drake once eloquently said: it’s yo brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s your frickin birthday. I was pretty busy this month with trips, visits from bae, birthdays, and lots and lots of food. I have some pretty special friends and I'm thankful for them everyday. ILY!

And yes, all the titles below are Drake song titles. You're welcome.


Maia O.

Ate some delicious oysters, prawns and live scallop at my fav Brooklyn spot - Greenpoint Fish & Lobster. 


Carly L.

Went on a mountain biking road trip from Denver to Santa Cruz. We stopped in Park City, Boise, and Bend to bike. There was lots of fun had on our bikes. 

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Is There More Mushroom Ravioli

—–Things I Ate

I was itching to make some ravioli. So I made some ravioli. I had Alaka’i and Dianna over for some wild mushroom and ricotta ravioli topped with sous vide asparagus. It was quite nice. 

Peak Pozole

—–Things I Ate

Michael, Christian, and I went to Mexico City for friendship. The best thing we ate was a pollo pozole. The broth was so flavorful, topped with copious amounts of onions and the bottom of the bowl was lined with perfectly tender hominy. We talked about that dish for a while afterwards. 

Summer Games Statebird

—–Things I Ate

Sophia and I went to Statebird Provisions, a restaurant that I’ve been eyeing for a while, for my birthday. It was amazing. The restaurant is set up like dim sum where some of the dishes come out on carts while others can be ordered. We got to taste like 10 dishes and I think the soup dumplings were my favorite. 

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Alaka’i Ratchet Happy Birthday​

—–Things I Saw

Alaka’i shares the same birth month. We share the same affinity for streetwear. And we share the same love for Drizzy Drake Rodgers. This year for his birthday he requested all his friends arrive in all white attire (no knees were taken that night). We started where it always starts: Fizzees. We had glasses of champagne out on the dance floor before moving the party over to Bruno’s.

In My Feelings Ittai

—–Things I Saw

My brother was visiting for Alaka’i’s birthday and we each took turns hanging out with him and taking him to work. He has a bright future ahead and I think this trip helped him see where he could be. It was awesome to see him so excited about going back to school and making moves to advance his career. I love you buddy!

Nonstop Musubi

—–Things I Saw

We took a day trip up to Napa for my birthday—more on that below—but the night before I had a few friends over to help me make 70 spam musubis for the trip ahead. It was such a fun night we had an assembly line where each person had their own jobs and we would critique everyone’s spam musubis. Whether it was spam to rice ratio or Saran Wrap technique or excessive use of sauce, we all claimed our spam musubis were better than the next person, and we all laughed hysterically when Christian made the worst spam musubi ever.

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Mob Ties Mexico

—–Places I Went

Michael and I like to go to new places and experience new cultures. Christian likes to complain. We compromised and went to a new place and experienced a new culture. The three of us planned a last minute trip to Mexico City to celebrate the independence of America—it’s kind of poetic right? The trip was amazing. We all agreed the best thing we did was laugh. From totally butchering the Spanish language as Christian tried to communicate with the street vendors to sitting in the 16th best restaurant in shorts and t-shirts only to respectfully decline when they offer to seat us without a reservation. We maintained our quota of 6-8 tacos a day and left Mexico City with stories for a lifetime. Where to next boys?! (Not asking you Chris)

Napa For What

—–Places I Went

I celebrated my 28th birthday with my closest friends (minus you Nate) in Napa this year. We rented a party bus and went to two wineries. As you might imagine a bunch of 20-somethings on a booze-filled transportation vessel to wine country was… fun. Everyone stayed safe and everyone was sufficiently overpoured. Definitely a birthday to remember. 

Final Fantasy Sushi

—–Places I Went

Ok, this is kind of a food thing but idc. Sophia surprised me for my birthday and took me to Akiko Sushi for dinner. If you know Sophia, you know she is terrible at surprises and will usually cave and just tell you the surprise. To my surprise—and her sister’s—she was able to keep it a secret all the way until we got there. It was definitely worth the wait. We got an assortment of nigiri but the best was the otoro. It practically melted in your mouth. We shared a few beers with full bellies and full hearts 😘

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