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Three Things

June 2021 — Issue No. 90

Hola! Thank you for your patience in receiving this email. I went on two trips this month, went to Routier a bunch, and made lots of dishes from Six Seasons. OpenTable is planning on people going back to the office soon which will be interesting. I read two books this month that I loved, the first was Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential the second was Front of the House by Jeff Benjamin, they both talk about life in the restaurant from two very different perspectives. Have any recommendations of books about restaurants that I should read next?

Things I Ate


On a Wednesday, I really wanted sushi. Sophia had already had plans so I could order any place that I wanted. Deciding on where to eat is a challenge plaguing all great relationships. I decided to order nigiri, maki, and an unagi bowl from the Michelin-starred Wako (which never makes Sophia’s list). My food arrived before Sophia left so she was giving me 👀 these eyes. Being the very kind person I am I offered the delicious food that I had painstaking ordered. Turns out she loved it AND her plans got canceled 🤔 so we ended up sharing all of it. Was this an elaborate plan conceived by someone who secretly wanted to eat at Wako? The world will never know, but I imagine we’ll be ordering from there again. 

Things I Ate

Six Seasons

I made about 9 dishes from the Early Summer chapter of Six Seasons. This chapter has a lot of celery dishes which are pretty meh, however, there is a roasted chicken and salad that features celery (which I dialed way down) that was amazing. Another standout was the lamb ragu with carrots and green garlic. At the time of this writing, I’m about 3 dishes away from completing this chapter and moving on to Mid Summer.

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Things I Saw


If you know my mother, then you know she loves surprises. We’re talking multiple gifts on Christmas, we’re talking not letting my Grandma know what time I’m arriving so we can get a surprise in, we’re talking I’m pretty sure she sets her alarm to be a random time every morning so she’s surprised when she wakes up. The woman loves surprises. This month she concocted her biggest surprise yet. A 50-person surprise dinner party for Ittai’s graduation from his Master’s program. She had everything planned out the centerpieces were planter boxes wood burned with messages that thanked people for helping Ittai grow. Attached were Pokemon balloons, which also told people where they were sitting. She ordered Pikachu and Master ball cookies. Every table had Ken’s Korner (obviously). She got Alaka’i and the poetry group to record a poem for Ittai. She coordinated a video/slideshow from all his friends who couldn’t make it. She went all out.

The plan was that Nate was taking Ittai for dinner at Mid-Pacific Country Club for taco night. So they arrive and all 50 of us are hiding in a part of the room. He walks in and we all yell, SURPRISE! Ittai is stunned and confused, he steps aside and looks behind him to see who the surprise is for. Three to five seconds later he realizes the surprise is for him and tells us that he thought he ruined the surprise for someone else hahaha. He also told Nate, "so there are no tacos?" The party was a huge hit and such a fun time. Congrats again Ittai!

Things I Saw

In The Heights

Sophia and I love Hamilton. If we have a 3+ hour drive you better believe we’re gonna start the soundtrack at track 1 and sing through that whole thing. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the theatrical release of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first musical, In The Heights. Sophia was maybe a little too eager to see heartthrob Anthony Ramos on the big screen. Speaking of, we actually went to a theater to see the film! It was our first time since the start of the pandemmy. We loved the movie, it was a lot of fun and it was nice to be out with the people! 

Things I Saw

Ittai x SF

After our trip to Hawaii, Ittai had a layover in SF before his month-long travel plans through the United States. I took him to our favorite restaurant, Routier on Thursday and then made dinner on Friday, and then he was off Saturday morning. It was a short but v fun time and I’ll be seeing him at the end of July on his way back from his travels.

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Places I Went

Santa Clara

An old co-worker and friend Zach had his lil baby’s first birthday just south of us in Santa Clara. Emily, Tyten, Sophia, and I went down there to celebrate the lil guy. However, we had consumed alcohol the night before and was feeling a bit little sluggish getting out the door. We arrived about a hour late and by then the birthday boy was not feeling well and went home 🙁. We still got to see Zach and hangout but now I know that you need to attend lil kid’s birthdays on time.

Places I Went


I originally planned to just be home for Ittai’s grad party weekend but Sophia convinced me to go for the whole week and I’m glad we did. The world was a lot different when we were there from December to March. Things were a lot more open and we were both vaccinated so we felt more comfortable seeing folks. We ate well, got to the beach often, and we also got to be there for my Grandparents' 56th wedding anniversary. I told Big Mike's favorite joke and asked them if it "felt like just 5 minutes..." To which everyone said "Awww" and I finished the joke with "Underwater?" To which everyone laughed. Thanks for the applause, I'll be writing this newsletter for at least another 10 years.

Places I Went

Cabo Pt. 1

A week after the Hawaii trip Sophia and I were off to Cabo for a week-long vacation. The first part of our trip we spent at the Villa Del Palamar on the Sea of Cortez side of Cabo. I had some points leftover from a previous trip so we decided to go there for three days for a lil R&R. We laid by the pool, read a lot, drank Pacificos, ate tacos, read some more, and got a lot of sun. This place sells timeshares and while that makes sense for some people it doesn’t make sense for us right now. They make you attend these presentations and were v pushy. I would not recommend this place to a friend. But stay tuned for Cabo Pt. 2 which I would wholeheartedly recommend to a friend. 

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🙌 You made it to the bottom. Thanks for taking the time to read this email :) see you again next month!

✍️ Hand-typed in San Francisco by Darren Wong.

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