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May 2019 — Issue No. 65

Hola <<First Name>>,

This month felt a little busy. I think it's because I've been trying to carve out time to work on my site but I've been unsuccessful. I also haven't been cooking from Salt Fat Acid Heat and I'm behind on my reading goal as well. I have been training for this marathon which I'm feeling good about. I'm hoping to refocus on those goals next month!

How has your month been?


Ittai W.

The Bernina Express is a train that travels through Switzerland. It was like being on the Hogwarts Express!


Maya S.

Got to reunite with my mainz on the Oregon coast, Papa SJ’s old stomping grounds!

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Flight of the Wagyu

—–Things I Ate

I work in the furthest depths of San Francisco. It takes about an hour to get there from my house via public transportation. All that to say I don’t find myself hanging out in that area when I’m not on the clock. However, a new-ish restaurant opened there and I couldn’t resist. It’s a Japanese steakhouse where the owner had been licensed to carry A5 wagyu beef from different provinces in Japan. Naturally, Sophia and I got a flight of Wagyu and wow it was some of the best beef I’ve had. We sat right at the kitchen watching the chefs place marbled cuts over coal fires. We started chatting with the head chef and it turns out he’s vegan! Classic San Francisco. You can choose whatever you want to be. 

Ssam More

—–Things I Ate

Michael’s cousin recently moved to the city so he had them over for dinner. He made a Korean feast. He made roasted pork with various sauces, kim chi, and lettuce cups for Bo Ssam. He then made spicy Korean chicken wings. We couldn’t find buttermilk so he ended up using a Russian yogurt to marinate the chicken. Talk about eating the world. He also discovered some leftover ribs in the freezer and whipped up some sweet and sour ribs to top it all off. It was all amazing. 

Leaning Tower of Ahi

—–Things I Ate

Growing up if dinner wasn’t at my house it was at Nate’s or Kirby’s. Aunty Renee, Kirby’s mom, made ahi towers. I loved this meal and I would always request it even when she insisted she could make me something else. Essentially it’s a poke bowl with a base of rice, spicy ahi, and topped with avocado. It’s served with seaweed that you hold in your hand as you gently brush rice, ahi, and avocado into the awaiting vessel as to not disturb the tower. It wasn’t as good as aunty Renee’s but it did bring me back to those times in Hawaii.

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Ittai's Awesome Adventure

—–Things I Saw

My brother Ittai has an epic trip planned which started in San Francisco, moved to France, skipped over to Switzerland, then in Italy, mosey on down to Montana, and then back to San Francisco for our family trip. I got to see him during his first stop and couldn’t be more proud of the moves he’s making. This European trip is in affiliation with his Masters of Education program. He’s out here running out of pages in his passport. 


—–Things I Saw

2012 - 2014 was an amazing time to be a sports fan in San Francisco. The Giants were on their way to a dynasty. The 49ers were in the Super Bowl. The Warriors were consistently making the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Giants and 49ers have decided to take a few years off. But the Warriors have consistently been the best team in the NBA and hated by every team in the country lol. Mike, Christian, and I are huge Warriors fans (not really) so we went down to a local watering hole to watch them dismantle the Rockets a few weeks ago. Here’s to them taking on Drake’s Raptors! 

Kween Emily

—–Things I Saw

Since I started at UserTesting Emily and I have been connected at the hip. We’ve worked on and shipped a lot to great work. She's been so inspirational to work with and is always pushing me to be my best. I had the opportunity to shout her out this month for well-deserved recognition. Go, Emily!

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Bay to Breakers

—–Places I Went

Bay to Breakers is a race through the city of San Francisco from the bay to the ocean. This race is special because some people run the 12 k. A lot of people just wear costumes and hang out. And almost everyone wears a costume while running it. We went with an old town road theme and I met up with my friends later who just wore the costumes. It was a super fun run and even better time afterward. 


Off the Grid

—–Places I Went

We took a trip out to Fort Mason for the food truck extravaganza. It was a blistering 52º which is basically snowing with a wind chill factor of -19º. We weathered the storm to chow down on spicy noodles, mochiko chicken, Korean fries, lamb dumplings, blueberry donuts, and we even got a Filipino burrito to-go. Will full bellies we returned home to watch Captain Marvel and the request of Christian.

Cali Roots Fest

—–Places I Went

I was sitting on the couch on a Sunday doing some work on my website and Christian comes upstairs and asks if I want to go to a reggae music festival in Monterrey and I was like “kk.” So we went. We got there right in time to see Matisyahu, who I used to listen to all the time when I was 15. It was the first time I got to see SOJA live in concert which was friggin epic. The headliner was Rebelution who put on an excellent show. Seeing those bands was way better than sitting on the couch, thanks, Chris!

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