Every oyster variety is unique, so why not the wine pairing?
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The reason Muscadet is seen as the ultimate oyster pairing comes from the adage "What grows together goes together." Muscadet is from the Loire Valley in France, a place also famous for its oysters. Many default to this wine pairing, but if oysters taste different, shouldn't their wine pairings be different too?

We decided to put this theory to the test with a flavor spectrum of oysters and white wines. Is Muscadet successful with every oyster? Or is there a better oyster wine?

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The baby Standish oysters experienced such a growth spurt this summer -- they are now almost an inch and a half to two inches! In the summer and fall, they live in bags housed in these oyster cages before they get bottom-planted in the spring. This batch of oysters will be ready next fall, a little less than a year from now!


Oyster aquaculture continues to explode in Massachusetts. In an updated report, figures showed 10.8 million oysters harvested statewide in 2007 and 32.1 million oysters harvested in 2013. That's almost 3x the production of 2007! Duxbury is the largest oyster producing area with 29 growers and 8.5 million oysters harvested in 2014.



Oyster Dressing "Grand-Mère"

Looking to incorporate oysters into your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Get inspired by this southern recipe from Chef John Besh. And guess what, it's also make-ahead friendly! Get the recipe here



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November is a time to give thanks,
so thank you for being a part of our community.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... with oysters.

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