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Get ready for the summer by buffing up your oyster knowledge! Introducing our first Learning With Pangea Shellfish online course: The Beginner's Guide To Oysters.

Whether you're in the industry looking to train new team members or a foodie interested in learning more, our free course covers all the oyster essentials. You'll learn how oysters are grown, how they vary, and even how to shuck your own!

These short videos will quickly get you up to speed on oysters. We're very excited to share these with you and hope that you'll find them helpful. #eatmoreoysters and keep on shucking!

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The oyster renaissance is now taking over the alcohol industry or maybe the other way around? Dogfish Head Brewery partnered with Hoopers Island Oysters to grow oysters that have a smoky flavor, pairing well with beer. The oyster's water is infused with "wood smoke, alder wood, oak." Read more



Sriracha Butter Recipe
Getting the grill up and running? Then add oysters to the grill list and top it with Bekah's decadent sriracha butter, which will get your taste buds fired up and craving for more. You'll have a new found appreciation for big oysters. Get the recipe here

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