Get acquainted with the pea crab, recipes included!
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Have you ever seen a little critter peek out of your oyster? You've probably encountered a pea crab! Back in the day, pea crabs were revered as delicacies and highly sought after. These days, many see them as a nuisance, although that could be because people are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with them. So, to get everyone more acquainted, here's the lowdown on pea crabs and recipes to try the next time you see one!
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May is seed month on the Standish Shore Oyster Farm! The farm crew spent the winter building a new float with two new upwellers. Here is a photo of the float being launched into Duxbury Bay complete with a police escort!

The Acme Oyster House Oyster Eating Contest returns to the 2015 New Orleans Oyster Festival on May 31st. Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas holds the World Record for eating 47 dozen oysters in 8 minutes and has been defending her title ever since. Check out the festival to join the fun!

Plans were submitted to spray pesticides on 2000 acres of shellfish beds in WA to control burrowing shrimp in oyster beds, but have been canceled due to industry and public outrage. Oyster farming is big business in WA and has become more sophisticated with larger operators like Taylor Shellfish. Is oyster farming turning into industrial agriculture?
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Baked Oyster Chowder in a Shell
This one is a crowd pleaser - cooked in bacon fat and topped with chopped bacon. It might be a little hard to get brioche bread crumbs unless you're making it yourself, so normal bread crumbs work well, too. Warm oyster chowder, but baked in a shell, nom!
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