Let's keep shellfish safe and fresh this summer!
As we enter the warmest months of the year, it's important to pay extra attention to how we handle and store shellfish. We put together a list of best handling practices as a good reminder for your team and customers. Print it, post it, and share it. Let's work together to ensure shellfish is fresh and safe for everyone this summer season!
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The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control confirmed the summer's first case of vibrio linked to raw oysters. The occurrence happens two weeks later than last year when an outbreak in BC caused a stop sell of all BC oysters. Industry experts are optimistic this season as ocean temperatures seem to be more typical and the region is doing more to test shellfish before going to market. Read more here


Grilled Razor Clams on Crack Recipe
Consider yourself lucky if you can get your hands on some razor clams. Tides and daylight hours have to line up perfectly. So when you do, make sure to treat yourself and top it on everything! Get this razor clam topping goodness recipe here

Three clams on a roll please.
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