Bottom culture, off-bottom culture... What does it all mean?
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Bottom culture, off-bottom culture, this culture, that culture... You probably have heard these terms before whether through Oysterology or generally learning about oysters. Culture methods or grow-out methods greatly affect the shape, look, and strength of an oyster. It's an important part in understanding an oyster's life, so this month, we're going to explore what they all mean. Learn how your oysters are spending the summer!
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Introducing Ryan Petitti

Please join us in welcoming Ryan, the newest addition to our sales team! Ryan has known Pangea since 2009, before his college days. Now back in Boston, he's excited to join Pangea as our new account manager to take care of our wonderful customers.
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After receiving the oyster seed in late May, our oysters grew from 2 mm to 4 mm in just 3 weeks! In June, the Standish Shore team started the first grading of seed. The baby oysters are pumping like crazy in the upweller nursery, compliments of Duxbury's nutrient-rich water. Pretty soon they'll be ready for their cages!



The 41st Annual Milford Oyster Festival will be held on Saturday, August 15th from 10 am to 6 pm. Besides awesome music -- Gin Blossoms are headlining this year, expect more than 30,000 oysters from members of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association -- that includes us! It's the association's biggest annual fundraising effort, so please come by and say hello!

Based on a new report released by NOAA and the University of Alaska, Alaska's coastal waters may not be able to support shellfish hatcheries in 25 years due to ocean acidification. Hatcheries will need to install costly systems to modify ocean water or it could be the end of Alaskan shellfish hatcheries. Read more
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