March 2015

Top 5 Tips for Getting Back on Your Mat at Home

Top Five Tips 

For Getting Back on Your Yoga Mat ... at HOME

I love going to yoga classes. Nothing can beat the energy of a good group class, and no matter what class I go to I always learn something new. For me, nothing can ever replace group practice. 

But when I also have a home practice, I get SO much more out of my classes. And life in general. 

So, here are my TOP FIVE TIPS for getting on your mat at home!

#5  If you only have five minutes, just practice for five minutes.

Don't feel like you have to do an hour of yoga to make it count. Just three sun salutations (2 A and 1 B), go a long way towards stretching your entire body and energizing your mind.

#4  Focus on what you need that day.

Stretching every part of your body is not a requirement. If you have tight hips that day, do a few squats and a butterfly or pigeon. Tight shoulders? Try cow face pose and alternate with eagle arms. Stressed and exhausted? Legs up the wall, with or without a wall.

#3  Make an appointment with yourself.

When we're home it is so easy to prioritize housework (not to mention Facebook) over self-care. Remind yourself that it is much harder to squeeze in five minutes of yoga than it is to throw a load of laundry in on the fly. So, if you have a few minutes of precious alone time, make it a priority to use that time for yourself. 

#2  Do yoga off your mat. 

Yoga does not have to be a zen experience in the perfect location. You can fit yoga into your daily activities. Waiting for water to boil? Do a triangle in the kitchen. Kid driving you crazy? Take five diaphragmatic breaths before returning to battle ... that is, patient, nonviolent parenting. 

And my #1 tip for practicing yoga at home? MUSIC. 

Make yourself a playlist (email me for artist recommendations) and play the music from your phone if you don't have speakers. Music inspires us, relaxes us, and makes our home practice flow. 

Wishing you health and happiness, 


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