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June 30, 2016

Good day.
We’re all happy to see summer finally arrive, though it does indicate that Country Music Week is quickly approaching.  
Earlier this month we announced that Murray McLauchlan and Paul Mascioli were selected as our 2016 Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductees. Congratulations once again to these two talented gentlemen. We’re looking forward to their official inductions at the CCMA Gala Dinner & Awards on September 10.

Congratulations also goes out to Amy Nelson, who is the winner of this year’s CCMA Spotlight Performance Contest. Amy, representing Saskatchewan, will perform at an official CCMA-sanctioned Country Music Week event, in addition to other prizing.
CCMAnomday is just around the corner! We will continue with the recent tradition of announcing the final 2016 CCMA Award nominees in the majority of our award categories via a media release at 6:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 13, followed by live nominee announcements with CCMA Members on local television morning shows across the country. More information on #CCMAnomday is below in this newsletter. 
Lastly, we look forward to seeing each and every one of you at Country Music Week in London this September. I cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase your Country Music Week delegate pass now, and/or to make arrangements for individual event tickets as needed. We predict that the CCMA Awards Show will be sold out. A limited number of tickets were held for CCMA Members to purchase directly from us; and those are being allocated on a first come first served basis.  
My email is dgreen@ccma.org and my number is 416-947-1331 X215. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

Take care.
Don Green
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The CCMA office will be closed on Friday, July 1.

Happy Canada Day!


June 30 – Member CALL OUT for Paid Distribution Services for the Third Ballot

July 13 - #CCMAnomday!

July 13Third Ballot of the 2016 CCMA Awards Program OPENS

July 15 – Member submission DEADLINE for the July edition of The Source

July 28DEADLINE to submit to become an Elected Director candidate for the CCMA Board of Directors

August 3Third Ballot of the 2016 CCMA Awards Program CLOSES

Office Visits
The CCMA team loves meeting CCMA Members! However, due to our busy schedules in August, with Country Music Week right around the corner, we will not be taking office visit appointments.
Looking forward to seeing you all in London!


(Our thanks to Mr. Jack Feeney (the first Executive Director and the 1988 Builder inductee into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame), and former CCMA Members who have carefully chronicled our history). This month we’re taking a look back at some of our pivotal moments from the late 1980s.
In 1987, at the Annual General Membership Meeting during Country Music Week in Vancouver, President Mascioli outlined the year's accomplishments which included the CTV contract and Labatt's sponsorship. These two items, plus a growing membership now close to 900, would put the Canadian Country Music Association on a firm footing in the years ahead.
Jack Feeney, Executive Director, reported that the first year at the association's new office at 833 The Queensway, Toronto, had been difficult at first, but the situation had improved. Donations were received from PRO Canada, BMG Records and the Federal Department of Communications. In return for the federal donation, the Executive Director prepared a profile on Canadian country music for the government. This profile was the first in what was to be a series of reports. The Federal Minister responsible for the Department of Communications also sent Country Music Week 1987 a proclamation announcing September 1987 as "Country Music Month".

Although Labatt Breweries and CTV had tentatively agreed to sign contracts with the CCMA in time for Country Music Week in Vancouver, the details of both contracts were not finalized until the first half of 1988. By that time, Bill Maxim was the CCMA President and Labatt had hired Brian Cooper and his company, Hollis Entertainment, to look after their interests. Labatt was primarily interested in the Talent Contest which was renamed "Bud Country Talent Search". Sheila Hamilton, who had acted as Secretary for the CCMA in the early years, began to assist the Executive Director soon after the new office was established. Hamilton then came on board permanently on March 4, 1988 as Deputy Executive Director and worked closely with Hollis Entertainment in running the Bud Country Talent Search. This work expanded rapidly as the number of contestants and clubs increased across the county. Labatt's financial backing also enabled the CCMA head office to become more closely involved with important Country Music Week events, in particular, administration functions pertaining to the CCMA Awards Show.
Country Music Week 1988 was awarded to the city of Toronto and Co-Chairmen, Brian Ferriman (CCMA Vice President) and Gary Slaight (General Manager of CFGM), were determined to make the week something to remember. Although the event had its early beginnings with RPM in the North East area and Toronto West had been the host location in 1979, Ferriman and Slaight decided to make a breakthrough in the sophisticated downtown core. Clever advertising and exciting promotions were carefully planned and carried out. This included a movie which highlighted the many attractions of the city and used local country stars like Sylvia Tyson and The Good Brothers.
Opening day ceremonies took place in front of City Hall and the Metro Chairman, Toronto Mayor and other dignitaries were present. Most of the activities, including the Annual General Meeting of the CCMA, took place at the Sheraton Hotel across from City Hall, with the Talent Contest Final at Massey Hall and the CCMA Awards Show at the Convention Centre.
At the Annual General Meeting, CCMA President Bill Maxim reported that the 1987 CCMA Awards Show received the single highest rating of any Canadian awards show. Bill also mentioned that the Hall of Honour now had a permanent home at the Convention Centre in Edmonton. Brian Ferriman praised the outstanding work of the publicity committee which included a preview radio show carried on 44 stations. Finally, it was reported that Country Music Week 1988 had a turnout of 515 delegates out of a total membership of 970 – the highest attendance in the history of the CCMA. A spin-off from the successful week was that it showed Toronto what Canadian country music was all about.


Share your CCMA memories with us! Email Sonya Koson at skoson@ccma.org with your standout moments from Country Music Weeks passed, the significance of the CCMA to you, or what makes the Canadian country music industry so special. We'll feature your contribution in an edition of The Source, on the CCMA website, or online via our social media platforms. Thank you to the following CCMA Members for sharing the following thoughts with us.
Victoria Banks
CCMA Member since 2008
What I love most about Country Music Week is the collaborative spirit of it. I’ve traded songs and stories in performances with some of my idols like Jann Arden, Randy Bachman and Lori McKenna; I’ve sung impromptu duets on the songwriter stage with fellow artists I rarely get to spend time with except when we cross paths backstage at festivals; and I’ve jammed the night away at after-parties with some of the best musicians in the biz. Country Music Week isn’t even really about who goes home with awards; it’s about strengthening our connection with each other and celebrating our common love of music.
Marie Bottrell
Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee (2010)

As a member of the CCMA, it’s wonderful to be celebrating the association’s 40th anniversary!
I have had many wonderful memories over the years during Country Music Week, but when I won "Female Vocalist of the Year" for the first time – that will always be one of my most precious memories.
I felt like I was a part of a family that I loved and respected so much.
Country Music Week always felt like a great big party! It was that one special time of the year the industry came together and could visit, perform, laugh and enjoy one another.
Happy Anniversary to the CCMA!
Corinda(Cori) Chandler
CCMA Member since 2001
Happy 40th anniversary to the CCMA. I have some very fond memories of Country Music Week, when it was held in Calgary in 2002. For me, it was my first experience of being a part of the Canadian music scene as a recording artist. Something I saw  in 2002, in Calgary, was the rallying of the CCMA artists after 9/11. As Country Music Week came to an end, many artists were held in Calgary, as planes were grounded around the world. A beautiful show was put together at rhe Jubilee Auditorium. Music heals and gives a gift always of hope. I saw that happen here in Calgary and am proud to be a part of the CCMA. 
Patricia Conroy
CCMA Member since 1999
I still remember my very first Country Music Week…
I saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket and go. It was the best decision I've ever made.
The people I met that year became my music family. Many of them I still see every year and share a drink and a story or two…
It’s how I got my record deal, won awards, and met so many incredible artists; and where I continue to learn and share everything I’ve learned over the span of my career.
*My favourite CCMA moment was a late night after party at the hotel lobby where I sang a Celtic song for the crowd that was gathered. Keith Urban was sitting directly in front of me – and he gave me a standing ovation!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support, and congrats CCMA!
Jim Cressman
CCMA Member since 2004
The common thread that unites this community is “respect”. Whether you’re an artist, a musician or an industry person, it takes courage to face down your detractors and your self-doubt, so you can elect to align your passion with your profession. At any given time, we may not all be friends in the CCMA community, but we’re all surmounting the same struggles and making the similar sacrifices. For that reality, we owe each other respect, and I see a lot of that in action, day in and day out, in this organization.
Adam Gregory
CCMA Member since 1997
What can I say, not only is Country Music week a week full of excitement, music and mingling, but such an incredible platform for both new and established artist to share their latest music and be heard by the masses. 
My biggest highlight would be winning the 2013 Slaight Music Humanitarian Award. I had the honour of working very closely with the Ronald McDonald House organization through "Adam Helps The House", and for over a decade money was raised to help build a House in Red Deer Alberta.  My heart is full.
Heather Ostertag
Chair of CCMA Board of Directors, 2003 – 2007
The CCMA represents family to me. Country Music Week is a family reunion. A couple of my highlights are Shania Twain coming up and introducing herself to Sylvia Tyson while we were seated in the audience. Shania was inducting Sylvia into the Hall of Fame and was so clearly in awe of Sylvia. Another special moment occurred in 2007 when Sheila Hamilton and Tom Tompkins were given awards. They worked tirelessly for the CCMA. During my time as Chair I was granted an opportunity to learn and grow in the process. I will always be grateful for the honour and privilege it afforded me and the special moments I was able to participate in. Congratulations on 40 years of making Canadian country music matter.
Rob Shapiro
CCMA Member since 2005
What rhymes with lordy? Congrats to the CCMA! You’ve given me much to be thankful for, a special shout out to Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Hamilton as Hey Romeo was incredibly fortunate to experience CCMA wins in those host cities. The All-Star Band Awards have been amazing to me – my hope is people remember to vote for their favourite players in their respective categories, they spend lifetimes refining their craft.
Hearing hit songs at the CCMA Songwriters’ Series is what knocks me out during Country Music Week; it’s awesome to hear a talented singer/songwriter delivering an unmistakably great song with just a guitar or a piano. The never-ending hang is always fun, building new relationships, reconnecting with friends in the industry and hearing killer players, writers and singers make Country Music Week the biggest week in Canada for country music. 
Bobby Wills
CCMA Member since 2010
The Canadian country music scene is exploding right now. There are so many unbelievably talented artists; it’s no surprise that each year Country Music Week and the CCMA Awards get bigger and better. I am as much a fan [of the music], as I am an artist! And it certainly was a whirlwind transition from actually being a fan going to Country Music Week, to eventually being a nominee and even winning a CCMA Award. Country Music Week has always been an incredible experience for me, both as a fan and as an artist!



The CCMA is managed by a Board of Directors (Board) consisting of eight (8) Elected Directors and between two (2) and seven (7) Appointed Directors. The current CCMA By-laws outline the election and appointment processes.
All Directors must be over the age of eighteen (18), be a member of the CCMA, and have the capacity under law to contract. The Appointed Directors are appointed for a one year term by the previous year’s Board. The Elected Directors are elected by the eligible CCMA voting Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to serve a three-year term (maximum two consecutive three year terms).  
In 2016, there are two (2) Elected Director openings. The 2016 AGM is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. ET in London, Ontario London Convention Centre in Salon B and B1 (during Country Music Week). The available Elected Director positions will be voted upon at this meeting.   

If you are interested in running for one of these Elected Director positions, want more information, or to confirm that you want to run for one of these positions, please contact Nicole Schaefer at 416-947-1331 extension 217 or nschaefer@ccma.org no later than Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. ET when the nominations will close as per Section 7.14 of the CCMA By-laws.   


The 2016 AGM is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. ET in London, Ontario, in the London Convention Centre, Salon B and B1, during Country Music Week. All CCMA Members are encouraged to attend. To be discussed: highlights of the year, new and upcoming business and the 2016/17 CCMA Board of Director elections.   


The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) annual financial statements are available for review. Should any CCMA Member wish to obtain a copy of these documents, please contact CCMA President, Don Green, via email at dgreen@ccma.org.


The Third (and final) Ballot of the 2016 CCMA Awards Program opens on Wednesday July 13 and closes on Wednesday, August 3. Eligible voting members of the CCMA will receive voting site log-in information the morning of July 13. The email will come “from” CCMA Awards and the subject line will read 2016 CCMA Awards Third Ballot Voting Site is Now Open.
Key information on the 2016 CCMA Awards Program, includes: 
1. Balloting Period 
2. Eligibility Period
3. Submission-Based Awards
4. Fans’ Choice Award
5. FAQs
6. Terms and Conditions
For further details on any of the above topics, CLICK HERE.


The CCMA is pleased to once again provide its members with a paid distribution service throughout the balloting process for the 2016 CCMA Awards Program. This electronic service may be used for the solicitation of votes by members of the CCMA to the exclusive membership database of the CCMA via email marketing (a distribution notice).
Based on the feedback of the membership, this year the CCMA will pilot a lottery system for reserving dates for each of the three ballots of the 2016 CCMA Awards Program.

Member Call Out for the Third (and final) Ballot is now open.

For more information on the new process, as well as to enter your name in the lottery system for the Third (and final) Ballot, CLICK HERE.


Last year, #CCMAnomday peaked as the #1 trending topic in Canada on our announcement day - let's do it again on July 13.

This year, on July 13, we'll continue with the recent tradition of announcing the final nominees in the majority of CCMA Award categories via a media release at 6:00 a.m. ET. Throughout the morning, we'll unveil the nominees in several artist award categories LIVE on Global Morning television, across the country. Once all television announcements are made, a final and complete list of 2016 CCMA Award nominees will be distributed nationally.

The excitement will officially kick-off the night before, on July 12, when Entertainment Tonight Canada once again helps us unveil the final five nominees of the CCMA Fans' Choice Award.


Earlier this month we announced the 2016 Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductees: Murray McLauchlan and Paul Mascioli. Check out the media release on our two inductees HERE.

Should you have well-wishes to share with either of the two gentlemen, please connect with Nikki Ryan at nryan@ccma.org.


For a full list of various sponsorship opportunities for Country Music Week 2016; including materials, events and awards, CLICK HERE.

Interested in securing ad space in our 2016 Country Music Week Souvenir Program? Email country@ccma.org for info.


Have you registered yet for Country Music Week 2016?

The deadline to purchase your Country Music Week delegate pass is Friday, August 19.

We look forward to commemorating our 40th anniversary with you in London, and anticipate several sold out events.

REGISTER NOW to avoid the disappointment of missing any of our celebrations!


By Alyse Martin
ANOTHER YEAR HAS PASSED since the last CCMA Discovery Program wrapped, which means this year’s group of talent – the Class of 2016 – has already been introduced to the small, yet daunting world of the Canadian country music industry, during their Music Industry Week in Toronto. The next time we’ll see them will be at the CCMA Discovery Showcase during Country Music Week in London, and it’s hard to believe that it will signify the fourth year of this initiative. Before this year’s event takes off in September, we thought we’d take a few moments to share with you some updates on our most recent rosters of CCMA Discovery Program finalists: the Classes of 2014 and 2015.
THE CLASS OF 2015 was a special one, boasting an all-female line-up of six wonderfully talented ladies. From sweet and saucy to strong and sombre, it was a privilege to watch these country songstresses develop their own styles. Finalist Katia Zuccarelli agrees; “We were a group full of solo female acts all in the same genre, but none of us were alike. Sound and songs – everyone had something different to say and bring to the table.”
Zuccarelli herself derives a passionate artistic style, showing the world her music in a very honest way. “I just want to be making noise…noise for as many people as I can. And if I get to earn a living from that, great; I just love being able to play for people.” Zuccarelli is currently hard at work on a debut album and has spent the last year travelling across the U.S. for various writing sessions. With just a few more changes to go, Zuccarelli is excited to drop her new single from the album soon.
In good company, Ray Gibson has been writing up a storm since the CCMA Discovery Program. “I’ve really been focusing on working on my writing, as well as learning how to produce. It makes being in the studio much more fun when I’m able to jump into the ‘big man’s chair’.” And to compliment her recent work in said chair, Gibson says her plan for the summer is to focus entirely on the new music and sounds she’s creating.
Fellow finalists Maddison Krebs and Sykamore both had exciting updates to share on their new releases. Krebs spent the year finishing her new record, Bulls-Eye, which hit #6 on the iTunes Country Album charts. Truly a significant milestone for this singer/songwriter, who worked on writing the record for over two years, with several collaborations, to make sure that nothing but the best songs were recorded and shared.
Sykamore is just about to share in the new release celebrations, as she gears up for the release of her single “Houseboat”, available on iTunes July 1, with a subsequent release of her EP later in the summer. Since the program, Sykamore has also worked alongside Rhett Akins (father to Thomas Rhett), opened for Miranda Lambert on her Certified Platinum Tour, played a showcase at JunoFest and performed twice supporting Josh Ritter.
This brings us to 2015 CCMA Discovery Award winner, Raquel Cole. “It’s so hard to believe it’s already been a year since we were all in Toronto for the CCMA Discovery Program!” shares Cole. “I’ve been touring a lot, opening shows for Josh Turner and Diamond Rio, and I've been writing lots of songs.” Most recently, Cole kicked off CMAfest in Nashville representing Canadian talent on the GlobalLive Stage, was named one of CBC’s “25 Under 25 Canadian Musicians You Need to Know” and even found time to co-write a song on Marie Osmond’s new album that went to #10 Billboard Country.
Seeing how far they’ve come, it’s remarkable to think it all started not that long ago for these artists. For Krebs it was age at 6 in her bedroom with a guitar and a few lyrics. Now a developed artist, she shares her dream to perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage. “It has always been my dream to sing in such a monumental place…I know that’s exactly where I want to be.” Similarly, from a makeshift band room in a childhood home to reigning CCMA Discovery Award winner, Cole says in ten years’ time “I hope to be somewhere headlining my own shows and a few albums in. And hopefully I'll have performed on The Opry by then.”
And a resounding theme in their transformations was the impact of the CCMA Discovery Program. “This program made me really come out from an invisible wall I had between myself and the audience,” Gibson shared. “It taught me how to believe in myself, and let my performance and music reflect who I am.”
Sykamore says it helped her find resolve. “I think fundamentally I've grown; I'd like to think I've gotten better at guitar and singing and writing – but I've also learned to accept the unexpected and trust that I'm going to end up exactly where I'm meant to be in this business.” Zuccarelli says that finding friendships in like-minded people has the biggest lasting effect. “It’s great to even just have another female friend in this industry. It’s someone to bounce ideas off of and get career advice from. I was looking into it a little bit, and there is no other program like this in the world, in any genre and it’s amazing – it benefits everyone so much.”
REVISITING CLASS OF 2014, it seems as though this unique bond that connects CCMA Discovery finalists spans across the years. Tanya Ryan was happy to share that she’s been writing with different artists, including Class of 2015 alumni, Maddison Krebs. Ryan has buckled down on new materials, in hopes to release a sophomore album in the fall with these self and co-written songs that she’s extremely proud of. “And that is more challenging than it sounds!” adds Ryan. “I am feeling much closer to finally getting the pieces together for my next album which feels pretty great.”
Also having something to release soon, Emily Reid is focused on writing the best songs she can, with a few shows in between. Now living in Nashville and having signed a few publishing deals with BMG, Longshot Management (Brett Eldridge, Craig Campbell), and WME (William Morris Entertainment) we can’t wait to see what Reid is cooking up.   
After a few years, do these Discovery alumni still enjoy performing? Absolutely.The stage is one of only a few places that you are forced to be 100% there,” says Ryan. “You can’t fake it. You step up, you be your boldest self. You are unapologetic and standing in your own. It’s a feeling that’s nearly impossible to recreate.” And finalist David James is the first to agree. “There’s no better feeling than leaving a stage knowing you’ve truly given it all you’ve got. [My band and I] have carefully crafted a show for our gigs this summer, and we’re so excited to put it all out there and share it with everyone!” James’ passion has led to a busy year, with the release of his EP Songs About A Girl and a few other singles currently at radio. And aside from touring and promoting the new EP this summer, James already has his next album in the works.
And if you want to get your fill of Discovery artists this summer, Boots and Hearts is the place to be. James will be making this one of his stops for the summer, as will friend and 2014 finalist, Jordan McIntosh, in addition to Cole and Gibson from the Class of 2015. McIntosh however, has a lot more travelling planned. He is currently preparing to get out on the road and travel the country, with festivals lined up from Boots and Hearts, Ottawa Bluesfest and Calgary Stampede, to shows out on the beautiful coast of B.C. McIntosh is certain it’ll be a great summer. “I finally released my debut record in the spring – debuting as the top selling Canadian country album on iTunes – and I can’t wait to play these songs live.”
To round off the 2014 roster, we caught up with Nicole Scott and 2014 CCMA Discovery Award winners, The Lovelocks. Last time we connected with Scott, she was venturing down a bit of a different path, and we’re happy to hear that all is going well. Scott has founded an electronic duo called Hang Up, with long-time producer Alex Jarvis. Together they’ve released their first single “Wait” and are currently planning their first festival tour. “I'll always love country music and all it instilled in me,” Scott admits. “I’m having a blast doing something that challenges and inspires me.”
The Lovelocks, however, are still singing their country tunes and loving every minute. “We're in this for the long haul!” was their enthusiastic response. The duo released their sophomore EP, Born to Love, which included their single, “Home Sweet Home”, reaching Top 40 on the Canadian Country charts in April 2016 and claiming over 250,000 streams on Spotify. “We couldn't have anticipated that kind of response and are beyond thankful to the Canadian country music community!” The Lovelocks have also released a new summer single to radio, “Time After Time”, backing it with an upcoming radio tour. They also have plans to hit the festival circuit over the next few months.
IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE to find each and every one of these CCMA Discovery Program graduates developing in their careers and passions all across the board – a huge congratulations to all.
A special shout out to the sixth 2015 CCMA Discovery Program finalist, Meaghan Blanchard, who was touring the U.K. at the time this article was written. And also to our 2013 CCMA Discovery Program finalists, Tim Chaisson, Jack Connolly, MacKenzie Porter, Blake Reid, The Reklaws and 2013 CCMA Discovery Award winner, Wes Mack, who continue to grow, and leave their marks as artists in the genre.
To see the 2016 finalists perform at Country Music Week this year, be sure check out the CCMA Discovery Showcase in London on September 8, at the London Music Hall, starting at 8:00 p.m. ET.
For the full list of performers and ticket information, CLICK HERE.  
The CCMA is committed to Educate, Elevate and Celebrate Canadian country music, and we are so proud to take a moment to celebrate the successes within this past year of our CCMA Discovery Program alumni.
If you’re interested in finding out more about these CCMA Discovery Program finalists, you can find us connected with all of our past and current finalists through our socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The CCMA invites any members in good standing to submit industry relevant information for consideration and inclusion in The Source. As such, any news or statements presented in this part of the newsletter are not necessarily representative of and/or endorsed by the CCMA. Please send your news items for inclusion to thesource@ccma.org and note COAST TO COAST in the subject line. Please keep submissions to 150-200 words, feel free to include one high resolution photo, and a link to extended content.  


Alecia Aichelle has been very busy since the release of her debut album, Golden, in May. Following a successful album launch, Alecia released her second single to radio, “Country Life”, on June 1. “Country Life” is a fun, fresh song that focuses on the simpler side of life – the perfect soundtrack for hot summer days and nights under the stars! Alecia will be on radio tour throughout Western Canada in the summer months as well as performing many shows both solo and with her band.


Cool Cat Records artist Heather Ballentine announces her re-branding as an artist, a pin-up model, super luxe entrepreneur and auto saleswoman through her newly redesigned website, www.heatherballentine.com.
Heather will be sharing weekly video content on her YouTube channel showcasing her performances as a musician, the sales and deliveries of some of the most beautiful cars in the world, sales tips, photographs from her career as a pin-up model, and motivational tidbits to engage, motivate and inspire entrepreneurs. Hear Heather tell her story in her bio video. Heather will also share weekly blog content through her website.


To kick off June, Chad represented Canada at the CMA Global Artist Showcase in Nashville on June 6, and also performed on the Music City Stage at the Bridgestone Arena on June 9 as part of CMA Fest. Chad also recently filmed a video for his latest single “I Hate You For It” which is currently climbing the charts at Canadian country radio. Chad is currently supporting the release of his album Hearts On Fire with tour dates across Canada, which can be found on his website.


The Chris Buck Band is extremely excited to officially announce their signing with Sakamoto Entertainment and Royalty Records/Sony. They are looking forward to releasing a brand new EP this fall and have a very busy July planned:
July 1/2 - Williams Lake Stampede (Williams Lake, BC)
July 11 – 13 - Ranchman's for Calgary Stampede (Calgary, AB)
July 15 - Colonial Days Fair (Lloydminster, Alb)
July 16 –Canola Fest with headliner Tim Hicks (Fort St John, BC)
July 17 - Downtown Summerfest (Prince George, BC)
July 23 - Gone Country Benefit Concert (Cloverdale Rodeo, BC)
July 26 - Music in the Park (Kamloops, BC)
July 28/29 – Rockin’ River Music Festival (Merritt, BC)


Who will be music’s next big success story? Whether you enjoy performing covers, or your own music, you need the tools and resources to get discovered. Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Cliff Dumas, is excited to share a new online community he and his team have developed called Claim2Fame.com. Claim2Fame will launch July 4; and its mandate is to empower artists with the opportunities and resources to elevate their career.

An impressive team has been assembled and have put together exciting prize packages for both the Cover Song and Original Song contests. Artists, you can join the Claim2Fame online community, share your music, compete, and grow your fan base. Fans can explore, discover, support and play an important part in their favourite artist’s success.

Each prize package is valued at up to 25 thousand dollars and includes cash and personal mentoring from American Idol coaches Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee in Los Angeles. The Claim2Fame team has also partnered with Disney to give away a trip for four this summer, just for signing up.

Check out the site on July 4! The Claim2Fame team looks forward to growing our community and watching your careers soar. Watch the video here.



Country Music Festivals in Ontario promotes live music festivals, concerts, jamborees and special events in country music, western music and western swing in the province of Ontario, Canada.


Every Sunday afternoon join host, Colin Connors, and different guests each week from 2 - 6 pm for the Country Music Matinee held at the Carrigan Arms in Burlington, ON. Come watch some of the best in country music from across Canada perform. Carrigan Arms was the recipient of the Gold Award for best open live music stage in 2013 from View Magazine.

Photo (courtesy of Heart Photography): left front: Darren LaChance, Haley Van Maele, drummer: Colin Connors and bass: Pete Sisk performing at Country Sundays.



Following her recent win for Female Artist of the Year at the CMAO Awards, Canada's brightest new country singer/songwriter Leah Daniels released her latest single, "Your Kiss Is Killing Me", to radio earlier this month. The release follows an exciting few months for Daniels, who recently took home her first Canadian Radio Music Award for FACTOR Breakthrough Artist of the Year.


David is getting ready for an Ontario radio tour later this summer and will also be performing at Boots and Hearts Music Festival in Oro-Medonte, ON on August 5. Look for the next single from David’s album Songs About A Girl to hit radio in the coming months!



Nominated for several awards at The Josie Music Awards, September 18, 2016, Andrew Frelick will also be performing LIVE during the event at the beautiful Schermerhorn Symphony Centre in Nashville, TN!
The Josie Music Awards, in conjunction with Country Blast Radio, honour and support independent artists and their music. Nominations for Andrew include:
Modern Country - Male Artist Of The Year
Modern Country - Song Of The Year (Male Artist) - “Unlove You”
Modern Country - Album Of The Year - “Time Stands Still”
Modern Country - Video Of The Year - “Without You I’ve Got Nothing”
Modern Country - Entertainer Of The Year (Male Artist)
Male Vocalist Of The Year 
Male Songwriter Of The Year (Country)
Shortly after returning from Nashville, Andrew will be opening shows for his aunt, and Canadian country music legend, Carroll Baker, as she tours Atlantic Canada. This would be a memorable experience for any artist, but for Andrew there is exceptional excitement given the family connection. Andrew will be joining Carroll at:  Schooner Room, Halifax Casino, NS – November 4; Astor Theatre, Liverpool, NS – November 3; DeCoste Centre, Pictou, NS – November 1.



Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, raised in Longview, Texas and Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Melissa Hunt’s life values are shaped by family dedication and sweat equity.
She was a local finalist in David Foster’s Ovation Star Search; and has opened for Juno Award winner, Melanie Doane as well as CCMA Award nominees, Twin Kennedy.
Next to singing and playing the acoustic guitar, it was a natural next step for Melissa to begin her journey in songwriting. She was mentored for four years by the late award-winning songwriter-producer, Larry Wayne Clark (who mentored a teenage Chris Young and co-wrote his debut single, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely”). 
Melissa continues to co-write with writers from Canada and Nashville and is eager to release her debut album and deliver her musical message to the public in earnest! “I want nothing more than to share my music with the world, to be inspired and to inspire others, ” says Melissa. Learn more about Melissa by clicking HERE.


Mallory Johnson recently released a new single, “Postcard From Tennessee”, to Canadian country radio. The single is also available to download or stream on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.



Ryan Keown (pron Cowan) was recently in Winnipeg to shoot his third video for one of his upcoming singles, to be released this fall. He enlisted the creative Ora Walker Photography & Video to shoot and they were able to capture some amazing footage on various sets. 
"Ora encourages me to be fearless and dive head first into the song visually. It's been great to express myself in the song and provide another aspect. I really think we've captured something special and it will surprise people to see another side of me," says Keown. Prior to attending Country Music Week in London this September you can find Ryan and his band at Dauphin's Countryfest, Craven Country Jamboree and the Richer, MB Rodeo. 



“Where Love Goes To Die” is Lisa's first single off her sophomore EP. Lisa had a great time recording the EP at Studio Downe Under in Abbotsford with producers Carly McKillip and Tom McKillip. The new single was released to country radio on June 20 and will be available on iTunes July 1. Get your first listen of "Where Love Goes To Die" with the official lyric video for the single by clicking HERE.

Catch Lisa live at these upcoming shows:
July 1 - Canada Day Event - Hope, BC
July 2 - Sunpeaks Country Fest - Sunpeaks Resort, BC
July 8 - Whatshan Music Festival - Whatshan Lake, BC
July 9 - Whatshan Music Festival - Whatshan Lake, BC
July 19 - Horsetheif Pub - Radium, BC 
July 22 - House Concert - Balfour, BC
July 23 - Parks Alive - Kelowna, BC
July 29 - Child Foundation Fundraiser - Kelowna, BC


After returning from a trip to Kuwait, France and Ukraine to entertain the Canadian Troops, The Lovelocks’ began working on a new single, and “Time After Time” is out now! After the positive feedback for the song following their CD Release party in Toronto, the single has been released to radio and is available on Spotify and iTunes. Keep an eye out for a video for the track which is coming soon. Upcoming tour dates can be found on The Lovelocks’ website here.


It’s hard to believe it, but Manitoulin Country Fest will be 10 years old this August 4 – 7. Since 2007, if you had attended every year, you would have seen 104 amazing country talents!  More importantly, 102 OF THOSE ACTS ARE CANADIAN! 
The festival is owned and operated by Craig and Kelly (KT) Timmermans and was kicked off as support of their independently owned and operated radio station, 100.7 The Island. The station was re-branded on April 1 of this year to Glow 100 broadcasting in a hot a/c format. The Timmermans launched their new country station, Country 103, Great Lakes Country on April 1.
New this year for #MCF2016 is three songwriter showcases featuring emerging and established singer/songwriters.  These showcases are set on a 100 passenger boat which will take both the songwriters and their guests for a tour of the world famous North Channel.  Also new this year is a dinner cruise aboard the same boat featuring CCMA Award winner Brett Kissel in support of the local nursing home.

And of course, there’s also the main stage entertainment! Day and weekend passes are available now.


In the midst of a busy summer schedule, Jess’ new single “Elevator” will hit radio on July 5! Jess has upcoming performances at the inaugural Trackside Music Festival on July 1 in London, ON, Canaan Country Music Festival on July 2 and Edmonton’s K-Days on July 28. More tour dates can be found on her website, and a video for “Elevator” will be coming soon.


Sister duo Robyn and Ryleigh from Langley, B.C. have been performing steadily around Western Canada this spring, in support of their new album and singles “By Heart” and “California”, released on Royalty Records/Sony.
The girls are featured in a new U.S. Hallmark TV movie called Appetite For Love, which also includes two of their original songs. R + R were recently nominated for 3 BCCMA Awards.


Alex Runions, the Saskatchewan Country Music Associations' 2016 Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year, has signed a publishing deal with Pat Beaujot Music Publishing.
“I am very excited to be working with Pat and I'm thrilled that he believes in me as an artist and songwriter. I look forward to the coming year and the successes we will have together,” remarked Runions. 




"I read her name, I was curious…I saw her face, I was intrigued…I heard her voice, I was done.” – Rhett Akins. 
Sykamore hit Rhett Akins’ radar when the capital letters SKYAMORE caught his attention while scrolling through his Twitter feed, and after several writing trips to Nashville the elite Georgia-born songwriter/artist has become a business mentor and friend as Jordan continues to wow Nashville publishers.
“Houseboat”, the brand new single from Sykamore (also known as Jordan Ostrom) was just serviced to radio and will be available on iTunes July 1st. Written by Sykamore, produced by Russell Broom and mixed by Scott Cooke, “Houseboat” is sure to leave listeners singing along long after the song has ended.
Sykamore is one of the six 2015 CCMA Discovery Program finalists and on June 12, 2016 she was awarded a finalist spot in the illustrious top 12 of the new 95.3 Wild Country and Alberta Music’s country artist development Project Wild competition (grand prize $100,000). This summer she will be featured in Tourism Calgary’s “Year in Music” marketing campaign, and she will be the only artist in an extensive video campaign for Travel Alberta’s “Destination Canada”, created to attract travellers to Alberta.  
“Houseboat” is being released via Road Angel/Warner Music. Sykamore is managed by Jill Snell and is booked by Paquin Artist Agency. 



AMBASSADOR TO THE POWER OF 3!!! Popular actress and eOne Music recording artist Kate Todd has been chosen as the Canadian Ambassador for the incredibly fun and free karaoke app Wurrly.com. Kate and Wurrly launch their new partnership at YOUTH DAY YEAR 10 Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square on July 24, 2016 – the largest youth event in Canada. With starring roles on hit TV shows like Radio Free Roscoe, My Babysitter's a Vampire, Life With Derek, Degrassi, etc., Kate has touched millions of hearts internationally, so it’s no coincidence that Kate is also the official YOUTH DAY GLOBAL Ambassador. She’ll be participating in and performing a song at the YOUTH DAY YEAR 10 press conference, announcing performers and the headliner for the event at the Hard Rock Café on July 13, 4-7PM AND appearing on CP24 TV on July 9 at 9:45AM for an interview and live performance.
Kate’s also an Ambassador for the SIPO Foundation, contributing as a spokesperson, guest speaker/performer and Director; helping to inspire, equip and connect youth.
Upcoming Appearances:
Richmond Hill RibFest (Richmond Green Park) - July 23 @ 12pm
BX93/CTV interview and acoustic performance at Covent Garden Market London – July 28 @3pm
Tweed Stampede 2016 (Trudea’s Park)- July 31 (headliner George Canyon)



Recent John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize winner, Twin Kennedy, hits the road for summer tour dates across Canada starting in Vancouver on July 1 with a Main Stage performance at Canada Place during the second largest Canada Day celebration in the country.
Summer tour dates include feature performances at Vermilion Fair and Vilna Cowboy Festival in Alberta, Kempt Shore Acoustic Maritime Music Festival and Acoustic Roots Festival in Nova Scotia, Neely G Festival in New Brunswick, and Filberg Festival and Apricot Festival in BC. Visit www.twinkennedy.com for full tour schedule. 



After a busy 2015 including the release of their EP In My Bones and performing all over Canada, The Washboard Union is off to a strong start in 2016. Their second single, “Maybe It’s the Moonshine”, hit #10 at Canadian country radio, and they have just released their third single, “Shot of Glory”. Earlier in the year they recorded a video for a beautiful cover of “Seven Bridges Road” with label mate Meghan Patrick, which you can watch online HERE.
The first half of the year saw them sharing stages with Lonestar, Gord Bamford, Diamond Rio and Joe Nichols. In July the band will head to the American Tours Festival in Tours, France to headline the Country Music Night, and then they’re off to the Maritimes to take the stage at Cavendish Beach Music Festival. Later in the month they’ll be in Calgary to headline the Nashville North stage, and will wrap up the summer on the CNE’s Northern Comfort Saloon Stage – amongst many other performances this summer. 



“Down By The River, the latest single off Bobby’s new album Tougher Than Love, is at radio now, and the video for the track was released in May. Bobby is currently on the road with upcoming tour dates from coast-to-coast, including dates at Cavendish Beach Music Festival and Merritt Rockin’ River Fest this July, as well as Country Thunder Alberta and Havelock Country Jamboree this August. More information on upcoming dates is available on his website.


The CCMA is proud to acknowledge the altruistic acts of charity and kindness demonstrated by our members. If you or someone you know has done something that you feel deserves recognition, please send your recommendations for consideration to thesource@ccma.org and note COUNTRY CARES in the subject line. Please keep submissions to 150-200 words, feel free to include one high resolution photo, and a link to extended content.


Fort McMurray singer/songwriter, Becca, was one of the 88,000 locals to be evacuated this past month due to the wildfire disaster. After fleeing the city and heading southbound through the flames, Becca packed up her truck with supplies and returned to her hometown of 10 years. She arrived at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) only 3 days after evacuating, where she was one of 6 civilians working to feed and care for the men and women in uniform. She volunteered in the belly of “The Beast” as wildfires burned out of control and surrounded her city. 
Becca has always been an active member of her community, personally raising over $30,000 through live music events and auctions. As a proud member of Fort McMurray, Becca says she was honoured to work at the EOC, sharing an army cot on sleep shifts with those who risked their lives to save hers and so many others. 
“Fool My Heart” is Becca’s brand new single, co-written with Byron Hill and Roger Brown, from her upcoming Nashville-based project. A lighter side of Becca, this song is perfect for a summer drive! Watch her video HERE.


When the mass evacuation of Fort McMurray was announced, Mark Lorenz started reaching out to friends in Fort McMurray to try and help. During the course of one of these conversations, a friend of Mark’s told him how they were told they had five minutes to leave – pack what you need and go. He described how they drove through the flames, through the night and ended up in a motel in Edmonton. At the end of the conversation, Mark asked, “What now?” The friend simply answered, “We’ll just have to wait till the smoke clears”.

5 minutes after the conversation ended, “When The Smoke Clears” was written. All proceeds are going to the Canadian Red Cross to help Fort McMurray rebuild. Watch a video of Mark performing “When The Smoke Clears” HERE.



Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Carroll Baker (1992), performed earlier this month at Casino Rama. There to take-in the show were fellow Hall of Fame inductees Ed Preston (2003) and Barry Haugen (2009). Photo is courtesy of Casino Rama photography.


Canadian Country Music Hall of fame inductee, Dallas Harms (1989), recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hamilton Music Awards. To read more about the honour, click HERE.

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