Winter Newsletter, 2015

Holiday Deadline

By: Wayne Coolidge
   Holidays frequently seem to be the deadline for project completions – and it happened again this year for Christmas. We took on a job that started the week before Thanksgiving which I had to promise would be completed by 5pm on December 18th.
   Before the project began, I put together a schedule that showed how we would integrate all facets of the job in order to hit the deadline. Even then though, I knew it was going to be an aggressive schedule and everything would have to go smoothly to make this happen.
   As it sometimes happens, there were setbacks as we progressed. From not getting timely design decisions to products not being available - the domino effect was causing delays. With a week left to complete the job, we had two weeks of work to go. Early starts and long days would be the norm for the final week.
   It was during one night of this big push that I stopped for a moment and took in what was going on around me. It was 7pm, we were approaching an 11 hour day, and I had five other people around me who were each working on their tasks. That is when it hit me – I may be the figure head and Commander-in-chief of Coolidge Company (when Wendy lets me), but I am just a sprocket in the gear that keeps everything moving. It is the people who are around me, the ones who don’t get the appreciation and notoriety, who are really the ones who should great credit for all of our success. It is Wendy who came out of the office to help paint; Brett, Brian, and Mark who put aside their own personal lives to work late; it was the subcontractors Jim, Dominic, and Chris who went out of their way to accommodate our fluid schedule – it was everyone working together as a team that was making this possible. 
   I want to thank each of them because at 5pm on Friday when we left the site - it was completely done, of the utmost quality, and looked beautiful. My coworkers were the reason for this, and the reason we keep getting more work. I appreciate your friendship, your work dedication, and I love you all – thank you and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Setting the Bar

   Perhaps you love to entertain or maybe you just like the idea of having your own personal bar. Just because you may not have a bar area or a large spot to accommodate one doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. Let’s discuss a few ways and tips for constructing a bar area into your home.
   As in any project, you first want to consider placement of the bar. If entertaining is you primary focus, it needs to be in a convenient spot- think of a high traffic area where guests will be walking by or sitting around. A bar can serve as a great link to connect the kitchen to the entertainment area.
   You may already have the perfect spot without realizing it. Closets are great because you don’t have to worry about building into a room and potentially losing space. You can also get custom cabinets made to fit inside perfectly. Another idea is choosing an existing nook or unused corner. The spot may not jump out at you right away, but be creative and think of where you could add a standing cabinet. For all of these options, you can add a door or curtain to close when not in use.
   Lastly, consider making use of an existing cabinet or built in. In particular, a China cabinet has the perfect set-up already. Show off your bottles behind the glass and modernize the outside with a high gloss black paint.

Lighten the Mood

   Lighting is most commonly overlooked during renovations, and the first part of the budget that gets cut. Yet- it is one of the most important features of your home. Lighting is more important than just illuminating your house as it affects our biology. Specifically, the wavelength of light directly affects the brain in processing thoughts and feelings. By understanding how lighting works in your home, you will be able to set the mood you desire for every room in the house and influence how guests coming into your home feel.
   The basics to getting lighting right in a room is layers. This means you have a variety of different lighting available to create any mood you want. The three layers you need to know are: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting, as the name implies, is lighting that will provide enough for the task at hand. Ambient lighting is typically the lighting that sets the mood of a room by creating a soft glow and softening shadows. Accent lighting is added to give dimension to a room or to illuminate a piece of artwork. With a mixture of these three lighting types, you will have the appropriate lighting available for whatever your need may be.
   On top of having layers of light in each room, add dimmer switches to gain even more control. By adjusting the light levels, you can truly set the ambiance in a room. As you approach each room, think in terms of what you need light for, what the primary purpose of each area is. For the living room, you probably want to tie in a down-glowing lamp on a three-way switch to ensure proper lighting for reading. In the bathroom for applying make-up, the best choice is to install sconces on the sides of the mirror to provide sidelight with an overhead light to remove shadows. A tip for the kitchen: recessed lights create great task lighting, but make sure they are aimed high enough that they do not cast a shadow on your work.

Are you stocked?

   You never want to be unprepared and the next big storm could come anytime. Make sure you are prepared with ice melt, shovels, and test your generator. Also stock up in the house with candles and canned goods in case you can't get out.

Don't Just Leave Them

   Clean up your leaves. You may think the reason for raking leaves is purely for aesthetics- but this is not the case. If leaves are not cleaned up in the fall, they can smother the grass and prevent it from growing well in the Spring. Leftover leaves can also lead to snow mold which can further damage your lawn. So be sure to break out your rake or leaf blower before the snow begins to fall!

Fun Suggestion

Chalkboard Cheese Platter
Use chalkboard paint to cover any tray or platter you have. Then take chalk and label each cheese type so everyone can see what they are eating!
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