Summer Newsletter, 2014

Play as Hard as You Work

By: Wayne Coolidge
   It's summer time - time to go out and play. The only problem is that  summer time is also boom time in the construction industry. With a full docket of work and the phone still ringing, it is hard to imagine finding time for any fun.
   A good friend of mine, who is a few years older and wiser, used to always commend me when I told him of plans I had to take time to be with my family or to participate in some event. He recently had a health scare and almost didn't make it. That got me to thinking about the old adage - stop and smell the roses. So now I don't feel as bad about playing in my golf league, or the softball league, or taking long weekends to build my daughter's addition, visit with my grandchildren, renovate Wendy's office, or just relax at our camp.
   If there is one thing that I wish and hope for all of my friends and clients - is that you too can take some time for yourself and your family - and make sure you play as hard as you work!

Check Your Deck

   Overtime, decks will inevitably age- but salt and snow can take a toll on your deck and accelerate deterioration. Be sure to evaluate your deck for any water stains. This could indicate water damage, which can put the structure of your deck at risk. You can usually tell that the wood is damaged if it feels soft and spongy. One way to test the wood is to poke the wet area with a screwdriver and if it does not splinter, then it is most likely damaged.

Community Service

   Wayne Coolidge is now a member of the Joint Building Committee in Dover, NH. The group includes two city councilors, two School Board members, and two members of the public. He will be serving the group for a three year term, meeting every other Tuesday. The purpose of the committee is to help decide how Dover High School’s Career and Technical Center can accommodate new technological demands that will be needed by future generations, either by renovating or rebuilding the center. Thank you for donating your time, Wayne!

Adding a Screened Porch to Your Home

Wouldn't you love to be able to sit outside and sip your morning coffee or feel a warm summer breeze without having to worry about bugs or rain? If so, adding a screened porch could be the perfect solution for you! Adding a screened porch to your home can be an easy decision, but there are still many aspects to consider. First, you will want to decide on the size. You want the screened porch to fit in with the rest of the house and match the existing roof lines. Also, the size depends on what the purpose of this area will serve. If you would like to entertain in it or add a dining table, then you will need to make it larger to accommodate all of the furniture. Second, think about the placement of the screened porch. You do not want it against bedroom or bathroom windows, for example. Is there a part of your property that the porch can overlook, or can you tie it into a backyard or patio area? Lastly, be careful when choosing screen. Some screens dent and damage easier than others, although more durable screen may not be as transparent as you want. Take all of this into consideration, and you will be sure to have the perfect room to enjoy all summer long!

Check out Wayne's Custom Built Chicken Coop

Your chickens can live in style too!

Repair Your Roof

   Rain, wind, snow, and ice can cause damage to your roof- especially during the winter months. Signs of damage can include: buckling or curling shingles, cracked caulk on flashing, rust spots on flashing, and large amounts of moss. If you notice any of these problems, you should get in touch with your contractor to get them repaired as soon as possible. That way you can prevent leaks or other serious problems before they happen!

Fun Suggestion

Family Yard Fun!

Do you have a fairly level piece of property that would fit a volleyball court? It’s easy to install. Line the perimeter with pressure treated 6x6’s, fasten them together, level them up, and fill with beach sand. Voila – instant sand box, volleyball court, and an area for a winter ice rink. If you want to take it to the next level for night time enjoyment… just add some sports lighting and a fire pit. 
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