Spring Newsletter, 2015

Learning Curve

By: Wayne Coolidge
   It took me thirty years of being in business to finally get it right. Every year my goal is to find outdoor work during the summer and indoor work for the winter – and never fail, it always seems to be the reverse of that; well not this past season!
    Going into this last winter we were finishing off a large master bedroom suite, rolled into a big kitchen renovation then into a man-cave basement build out which brings us to spring. After all these years, I finally got it right! (… and Wendy says you can’t teach old dog new tricks…)
    Of course there were days when we had to work outside. This was the worst roof ice dam and snow fall total I can remember. When clients called and said they were worried about the roof weight loads, or had leaks from ice dams, we responded immediately. Those days made me even more appreciative of the indoor work.
    Now if I can repeat this type of schedule again for next winter, I can prove to Wendy it was not a fluke. My calendar is open right now if you would like to schedule a project (wink, wink).

Tip: How to Clean your Stainless Steel

   Although the name refers to them as “stainless”, anyone with stainless steel knows they are really magnets for fingerprints and other smudges. But the good part is they are easy to clean and restore that beautiful stainless look (at least for a little while)! Like wood, steel has grain and for best results, it is important to clean in the direction of the grain. You will need to use a non-abrasive cleaning rag as to not create any scratches. Paper towels work, although they will leave some lint behind. To remove dirt and grime, use a mild detergent (such as dish soap) or white vinegar on a damp cloth. To polish the steel, use a small amount of baby oil or mineral oil. Rinse with a damp rag and voila! 

Create Calm with Color

   It is always important to take a step back to re-evaluate ourselves and our perspective in life. Often, we may find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. You may be surprised to know that by doing something as simple as changing the colors in your house, you can restore balance and bring peace that can greatly impact your everyday life.
    Although the entire house could benefit from a color makeover, the best places to start are the bedroom and bathroom. To help with your redesign, it is helpful to keep in mind that you are striving for a sanctuary setting- that is a calming place where you can feel good starting and ending the day.
    The basic calming colors you will want to choose are: sea-glass green, warm gray, or a subtle blue. If you want bold colors, it is best to stick to the cool side of the color wheel and choose greens, blues, or purples. It has been proven that both these cool hues and shades of gray lower blood pressure and are connected to increased rest and relaxation.
    It is key to rid of all clutter and keep the room clean in order to maintain a peaceful setting. White linens are also recommended, which add to the serene atmosphere. To liven up the room, you can accent with artwork, patterns, or a pop of warmer color. 

Outdoor Connection

   Have you ever wondered how you could make your house have more of a connection to the outdoors? It can be as simple as adding a new set of doors, or a bigger project that includes a renovation. Either way, you can take steps to make your home feel more connected to the outside.
    One simple way to bring the outdoors in is to add more windows. If you have a scenic background or part of your house facing the woods, you could even add a full glass wall to create the perception that you are outdoors. Even if you live in a climate with winter, natural light is mood lifting and can prove beneficial to your health.
    Another option is to add large doors like French doors, sliding doors, or folding doors. If you don’t have anything to open your doors to, think about adding a patio or garden area right outside the door. For those who want even more, you could add hardscape, outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor shower.
   Instead of bringing your house outdoors though, you may want to bring more of the outdoors in. An atrium could be the perfect solution, as you can create a garden space or brings plants and trees to the inside of your home. Also, consider the materials you use outside of your home and whether or not they could be continued inside. For example, if you have river rocks in your front pathway, why not continue the flow and bring them right into your foyer?

Fun Suggestion

Make a patio garden pond!
  • Build any size wooden box
  • Paint the inside with liquid rubber
  • Use a stain or clear finish for the outside
  • Fill your box with water and plants of your choosing!
  • Tip: If making a separate section that will be filled with soil and plants, add drainage holes in the bottom of that section
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