Fall Newsletter, 2015

Changing Fate

By: Wayne Coolidge
   Twenty-three years ago, I hired a production company to produce a promotion video for my construction company. He was so impressed with our camera presence and charisma that he approached me with a unique idea. He wanted to follow me from job site to job site, while filming the whole time. He wanted to capture our construction techniques, our behind the scenes preparations, and our client interactions. I asked him, “Who would watch it?” He said he would pitch it to the local cable station and air it locally. I declined because it sounded silly and I thought it would be a distraction – besides nobody would want to watch something like that. Wow. If I only knew then what I know now – I could have been a TV star!  My whole life would have been completely different. But as I look back, would I want a different fate?
   In the past two weeks, both of my daughters have delivered baby girls. We welcomed grandbaby #3, Cecilia, and grandbaby #4, Ellie. No way would I want to change anything. So now, I am content to watch HGTV  like everyone else in the country and watch all those other builders smile for the cameras. I don’t agree with everything I watch and I tell Wendy (who just shakes her head) that I could do it so much better – but I wouldn’t want to change my fate! 

Remodeling: Adding Value to your Home

   Whether you are looking to sell your home, or just remodel for a need of change, you will want to consider a remodel that will be adding value to your home. Of course, updating or adding to your home will most likely add some value, there are certain areas to concentrate on to get the most bang for your buck.
   Although remodels inside the house are very important- don’t forget about the outside of your home too. Curb appeal is one of the top changes to your home that can add value. Keep the front of your home well-manicured and landscaped, update siding, and replace your entry door. According to Remodeling Magazine, updating to a steel door will return 100% of your investment.
   As you look to remodel the inside of your home, the first suggestion would be to look at the flow of your home and see how you can create more space. Nowadays, it is more desirable to have an open floor plan. Look at what non-structural walls you could knock out to open up the space.
   Another hot topic right now that will earn you money back is becoming more energy efficient. This could include updating appliances, adding or updating lighting, or replacing windows. 
   Most large remodels can be costly and overwhelming, but take comfort in the fact that you are adding significant value to your home. The three top remodels that make an impact on your house value are renovating the bathroom or adding a new one, updating the kitchen, or renovating the basement. Other projects to consider are adding a sunroom, home office, wine cellar, family room, or master suite. Updating your floors also tops the list, with the most favorable being wood floors.

Selecting Windows

   You may think selecting windows for your house will be easy since there aren’t many options, right? Well, actually- there are many different styles of windows to match the style of your house or based on your functional needs. Here is a list of 8 different window types, some of which you may never even have heard of!
  1. Double-hung window: This window is built to slide within the frame, so no part obtrudes the inside or outside of the window. It can slide either up or down. In a single-hung window, only the bottom slides, while the top remains stationary.
  2. Casement window: Opens with a crank, or another type of mechanism, and swings out away from the house from the left or right side.
  3. Awning window: Hinged at the top of the window, it swings outward to allow air in the left, right, and bottom sides. They can be installed independently, or above a stationary window.
  4. Picture window: Large, stationary window that serves the purpose of allowing in maximum light and viewing of the outdoors.
  5. Transom window: A window that sits over a stationary window to either add more light (stationary) or allow air in (operating). Most commonly found over the transom of a door or large window.
  6. Slider window: Guided on a track, one or both of the windows slide horizontally past the other window.
  7. Stationary window: These windows do not open, they are for the purpose of adding more light to your home and can be customized to fit any area.
  8. Bay window: Designed to add space, they protrude away from the exterior of your home. Typically a three-sided window with a stationary window in the middle, and two double-hung or casement windows on the sides. 


Handy Tip

When you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template.

Make a Fire Safety Plan

Due to the ability of fire to spread quickly through your home, you may only have one to two minutes to safely exit after the smoke detector alarms. It is important that you have at least two escape routes planned (through doors or windows) and everyone in your family is aware of the plan. For children, it may be best to draw a floor plan and mark the ways out of each room. Have the entire family do a walk-through of the plan and have an outdoor meeting spot a safe distance from the house.

Fun Suggestion

Make a nut wreath!
-Assorted nuts
-Hot glue gun
-16" wreath form

Glue larger nuts to the wreath form first, making sure to leave space for the other varieties. Then, glue smaller nuts in the gaps and edges to cover the wreath form. Tie on a bow and hang your autumn decoration!

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