With so much access to information and visual stimuli

is participation dead?

Christ Entering Brussels, 2017 by Kenny Cole - check his show at Waterfall Arts, so weird and great!

I recently asked my friends on Instagram: Is participation dead? Uncool? Too much to ask? Is no one else regularly inspired, and inspired to share their inspirations? Do they just not like me? Is it annoying to keep asking for more?

I got some great feedback that helped me grapple with the conundrum:

  • People may feel more secure sharing within their niche/tribe. They fear others won't care about it/get it/like it.
  • Depression is pervasive, and when you're feeling low, it's hard to be inspired.
  • We live in a capitalist society where everyone is trying to make a buck. Artists focused more on selling than innovating are producing homogenous work.
  • There's just so much stuff to look at, with more and more being shared every day. It's overwhelming and it all starts to blur together.

But ultimately, the positive messaging I received was: there's nothing wrong with sincerely reaching out and trying to share. Maybe it will reach people, maybe it won't, but it doesn't hurt. 

That said, here's what I've found really inspirational lately:

Gordon Parks; a photographer, musician, composer, poet, novelist, and filmmaker whose work moved people to action and changed lives.
Some very talented and lovely friends from New York (see: & recently visited me in Maine and it reminded me that I still had Holga film from my winter there. Too early to think about snow? I'm sorry...
I always enjoy seeing what's getting you going, but you know what? No pressure. XO
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