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July/August 2015
Students estimate the cost of drinking water
Three Energy Analysis and Policy certificate students tackled the question of how much energy it takes to provide clean drinking water in Wisconsin. The students worked alongside the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to complete the project, and their results will help utility managers decide which investments make the most financial sense, with the goal of saving both water and energy. Read more about the project.
Energy and the Earth: In progress now!
UW-Madison's fourth MOOC of 2015 began June 21 and will run through July 18. Learners can sign up at any time, free of charge. Nelson Institute affiliate Alan Carroll is leading the course, exploring the physical realities of energy supply and the challenges associated with different energy systems, from fossil fuel to solar to nuclear.
Private gifts ensure continuation of Nelson professorship
Thanks to the generosity of private donors, the Nelson Institute will continue to award the Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professorship despite its deletion from state law during the budget process. The professorship honors faculty members for significant contributions to the institute’s interdisciplinary academic, research and community service programs. Learn more about giving opportunities.
Holloway focuses 2015 Energy Summit on air and energy
“How air quality and energy affect each other is the single biggest story no one is hearing about,” says Nelson Institute professor Tracey Holloway. So, as chair of this year's Energy Summit, she is inviting experts to discuss how air quality policies and technologies are transforming a variety of commercial sectors and impacting public health. Learn more about the October 13 summit.
Wild, wild campus: A visual sampling of the creatures among us
At UW-Madison, we place great value on outdoor spaces, those spots where nature has dibs. One-third of our main campus is dedicated to the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, and other parts provide space where creatures of all kinds can make themselves at home. Some have been captured in this collection of photos.
New! Alumni career profiles and advice
In an effort to give our current students a look at the opportunities that await them after graduation, we reached out to a few graduates to check in on the many ways the Nelson Institute helped shape them into the employees, alumni and leaders they are today. Check out the interviews with five of our recent graduates. Interested in sharing your perspective for this series? Email us.