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Imagine you run into a confused looking 19-year-old young lady who seems to be in shock. You ask “Are you okay?” She tells you, “I heard air sirens going off, bombs exploding, and people screaming. My parents put me on the train and told me to go across the border, doesn’t matter where, just away from home.” Home had become unrecognizable because of continuous Russian shelling. She studied medicine in Kharkov, left everything behind, has no plan, and speaks little English.
 What do you do? Give her shelter in your home? Ask someone else to house her, are you comfortable to take someone in not knowing how long they will be in your “personal space,” how much of your time she would take. What if this is a group of 8 with three adults and 5 children under 5. Is your small home big enough, what alternatives do they have? Multiply it by almost three MILLION!  No, not an exaggeration.  For the last two weeks, since Putin’s military machine invaded Ukraine, the countries of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary where we live have been receiving refugees, the largest refugee crisis in the world right now. Hungary, alone has received three hundred thousand vulnerable people, mostly women and children!
Among our staff in Hungary, I, Yulia, am one of only two people who understands Ukrainian. Our family mission has temporarily morphed to that of helping to evacuate and resettle these refugees especially full-time missionaries to here in Hungary. Because of these missionaries’ hearts to help others they come with college students, and others in need. So, yes, it’s a tough task. After one meeting in which my phone was off, I turned it on and found 80 new messages waiting for me!

One word- UNBELIEVABLE. The Church in Ukraine turned into a GIANT network that smuggles people out of dangerous cities, sings in bomb shelters, evangelizes on the front lines, assists the vulnerable, transports food, water and fuel, finds and delivers medical supplies, galvanizes world-wide prayer – sustains hope in the lives of the hopeless. Forty-three Ukrainian missionary colleagues and their families were evacuated. Eighty remain inside the war-torn country (37 of them are women.)  Whether outside or inside their home country, the Ukrainian missionary friends are united by one purpose: to defeat evil by prayer and action, to pray for repentance of their nation and continue to influence their nation by active evangelism, discipleship. Their circumstances changed, their calling did not. And it gives them focus and ability to move forward, speaking of the eternal hope with the hopeless.
Yulia and Andrei – are a committed Christian couple who started reaching out to families by way of organized sports in Kiev. Yulia made a hard decision to leave Ukraine with their two boys. We received them in Hungary and provided a quiet home and soon a school for the boys. Andrei who remained in Ukraine joined a group of brave Christian men who continue to save others and bring needed supplies to dangerous zones (e.g. Kiev, Mariupol!) A week after their arrival to Hungary, Yulia learned that a local Baptist church is hosting Ukrainian refugees.  She went to serve and met two women (sisters) who came from Kiev. They were taking care of a wheel chair bound grandma and her grandchild, who is also wheel chair bound. The refugees recognized her outfit which said “Sport Kids” on it. They said that they received help from a man who took them out of the danger zone. It was Yulia’s husband Andrei who got them to the border! And it was Andrei’s wife who took care of them two days later in Hungary!
We continue to guide, receive, provide and care for the people in and outside of Ukraine. (This week we are trying to buy and set up couple of washers at a Christian conference center which opened its doors for over 100 refugees; Our Ukrainian staff women (on the picture sharing their escape experiences) requested Yulia to lead a weekly Bible study with them; every day brings new work.
Pray for restorative rest, pray that the Word of God would bring perspective and comfort, pray for safety and resolution to this horror that is unfolding.
God is the one who delivers, and He is using His church in mighty ways! If you would like to hear more stories of God’s faithfulness and provision, please email us to join our private Facebook group where we intend to provide more frequent updates and prayer requests.
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Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support of Ukraine and
the work of the church in these dark times! David & Yulia, Tosha & Evan Beatty
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