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A Muslim challenged my friend, Anna, “Show me one Christian country that is succeeding and I will change my mind about Christianity.” Anna is a thoughtful Lebanese believer who has been part of our Bible study for five years now. Is God’s kingdom at risk because there is no country that overwhelmingly adheres to God's kingdom values? God’s kingdom is not in trouble just because we can’t humanly pinpoint such a country. 

The in-breaking of God’s kingdom on earth through Jesus Christ is about God’s reign over human hearts, not the land of a particular country. “This kingdom through Jesus is like a mustard seed that becomes the largest of plants, a tree (Matt.13:31ff). It will grow and expand in ways we can’t presently imagine or understand (like a “mustard seed”), and “will be an everlasting kingdom”  that remains forever and ever.


“His Kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom & all rulers will worship and obey Him.” Dan 7:27b

As I am writing, we have Ukrainian friends whose city is being bombed. “Kamikaze” drones and missiles are striking this city of one million inhabitants (pre-war), located just 800 miles east of us. And now the city and much of Ukraine is plunged into darkness. We realize there are different views (political, social, cultural, religious, economic) about the war going on in Ukraine. In a word, it’s a clash of human kingdoms. For us, the clash is not an abstract discussion whether political, cultural, or religious.  Whether for our Russian friends, believers trying to serve the Lord under difficult circumstances or for our Ukrainian friends and missionaries under even more difficult circumstances… It is personal. 

Concerning our Ukrainian friends, every time a large-scale country-wide attack (9 times so far!) hits Ukraine, our phones light up with messages... with urgent pleas for prayer from Ukrainian friends and fellow missionaries. They remain in the Ukrainian cities not deterred by physical danger, lack of water, heat and light in freezing outdoor conditions. (get a glimpse at Marina's life with blackouts. 15 min story from a young Christian girl from Kiev.) They are strengthened from within by the power only God can supply. 

These kingdoms clash but there is a greater kingdom, “His Kingdom,” that appears now on earth as a “mustard seed” small and insignificant yet this kingdom will grow until eventually culminating at Christ's second Advent “all rulers will worship and obey Him.” (Daniel 7:27b).


We are equipping full-time laborers to help build “His kingdom.” We do this through teaching the Bible in ways that help train these laborers to minister effectively, and to lead in difficult times. We also teach the Bible to diverse groups of international believers from our local international church. These believers then go on to impact their homes, their university groups, and their nations upon their return. 

We are thrilled that God brought you and us together
to help fulfill this mission!

Two Christmas Giving Projects

THE FIRST PROJECT: Help our Ukrainian ministry in their efforts to bring basic supplies to internally displaced Ukrainians because of the war. Our Ukrainian friends are able to bring these supplies to those most in need, to those in recently liberated areas of eastern and southern Ukraine. And they do this in the context of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of these displaced Ukrainians lack electricity and heat and so are presently in need of generators (see picture). One generator costs about $1200 depending on it’s generating capacity. Help us purchase ten generators and five hundred “yellow boxes” (one box of basic food supply for a month $25). The total amount needed would be ~$12,000 for the generators and $12,500 for “yellow boxes.”

THE SECOND PROJECT: More specifically, help us the Beattys. Because of the war our utilities and school expenses are increasing. For example, gasoline now costs almost $12 a gallon. The total increase amounts to about $4000 a year.

Would you please consider giving an end-of-year gift toward this need? Would you consider a gift of $100, $200, $500 or more? If giving on-line, please indicate in the comment section whether your gift is for “refugees” or “Beattys” Thank you for considering us in your giving! 

Give By Mail: Checks made out to: CRU
For: David & Yulia Beatty, #0376846
Address: David & Yulia Beatty, 2689 Benington Dr. NE, Marietta, GA 30062-1662

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