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HEROES – Modern Hebrews 11 heroes
“These were commended for their faith…” 11:39

Today Yulia met a Ukrainian friend, a fellow missionary with our ministry in Ukraine. His brother, Nikolai, and four others died while evacuating civilians from Mariupol, Ukraine. Nikolai’s vehicle was struck by a rocket. As a believer serving the Lord, Nikolai was running with a metaphorical torch for the Glory of God. Although his torch fell, his brother Petya has picked it up again. Petya continued to evacuate people and to bring in supplies. Today was special because he was given special approval to be able leave and come back to Ukraine as long as he brings back supplies with each return trip. So Petya came here to see his wife, Ala, and his daughters. Petya could have easily found a way to justify staying here with his refugee family. But, Petya is returning to Ukraine and he is driving our shipment of supplies (tourniquets, splints, food, flashlights) back to those in great need. Petya picked up the torch, and is running… for the glory of God!!

HOME brings sense of peace, security and rest. Usually families make up a home. Many millions of Ukrainians were pushed out of their homes, forced to live underground. They often had to leave their husbands/fathers back in Ukraine. The loss of home is profound. Just yesterday our Ukrainian sister, named Yulia refugeed here as a family of six, shared this; “I really just want to go home”,.. she is safe but she longs for home and for her husband. Luda, a long time single missionary and friend who remained in Ukraine recently lamented not being able to return home. The road to her home is full of hidden mines. It will take a long time before she could go… home.
IN HUNGARY-we continue to work providing supplies for those most in need and creating a sense of home for our evacuated Ukrainian friends and fellow missionaries. This work extends to other refugees connected to these friends.  The Hungarian way of life, and unique language make the journey harder for our friends. We assist with shopping, schooling, apartment searching, helping find medical services, and entering into local Christian community.
EASTER became a special time to help focus our Ukrainian friends’ vision on the resurrection of Jesus. The vision of their eternal home, which will never be taken away, invaded, destroyed is feeding their hope to persevere though their painful loss.
ARMY PASTORS: Easter gave an opportunity for our brothers in the army to preach the hope giving news of Christ’s resurrection to their platoons. Sasha, the unbelieving father of one of our woman staff, wrote her on Easter. He said the orthodox priest they were expecting didn’t show up to pray over the soldiers. Then someone called out that they have a pastor. Among them there was a protestant believer who then shared from the Word and prayed out loud for the soldiers. He became a pastor they so desperately needed in the moment. We pray that Christians in the army will receive support and will continue to have opportunities to bring the good news of Christ’s resurrection to those around them.
Other ministry goes on: Bible teaching, Bible studies and mentoring through our local church are things we are committed to and engaged in!
In late May, David will help a colleague teach leadership principles from the life of Daniel to Ukrainian missionaries. Many of them are here with us in Hungary and others who are in Ukraine will join by video conferencing (ZOOM).  David is also preparing to teach a survey of Christian doctrines to our missionaries in Romania.

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  • The end of war in Ukraine.
  • Protection of the defenders and civilians who are left on the occupied territories.
  • The work of the church in Ukraine: provision, stamina, dependance on God, rest.
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