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Thursday, October 8

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  1. Television is making more documentaries than ever––but skipping the journalism
    More than twenty industry leaders said that conflicts of interest are now part of the cost of doing business.
  2. How the media has abetted the Republican assault on mail-in voting
    Syndicated news outlets appear to have been the most susceptible to Trump's tactics of harnessing professional journalism to his disinformation campaign.
  3. 'Eventually something works and you just keep doing that'
    Ken Klippenstein on the value of talking to rank-and-file bureaucrats, how he uses FOIA, and being the 'Steve King guy.'
  4. Trump, reckless and behind the wheel
    "The president of the United States is acting like a drunk driver."
  5. QAnon shows that the age of alternative facts will not end with Trump
    Critical thinking is often cited as a panacea for online disinformation. But research shows that QAnon believers already do that, and defend the conspiracy on that basis.
  6. The decline of local newsrooms could make it harder for us to detect the next disease outbreak
    Epidemiologists rely on regional newspapers to monitor outbreaks.
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