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Thursday, March 12

Our most popular stories this week, along with editors' picks:

Here are the highlights:

  1. How DC came to dominate media reporting
    The consequences for readers of seeing media through an increasingly political lens.
  2. Carol Rosenberg on the long arc of Guantanamo Bay
    The world's only full-time reporter in Guantanamo Bay on life inside the country's most infamous prison and the challenges her reporting presents. 
  3. Music criticism in the time of stans and haters
    What happens when a popular artist unleashes their fanbase on a tough critic.
  4. What 'Death of the Newspaper' stories leave out 
    Perhaps the best days of journalism are still ahead. 
  5. How the coronavirus could limit shoe-leather reporting
    Disruptions are racking up.
  6. Chris Hayes on how to cover COVID-19 responsibly
    Behind the broadcaster's measured strategy and straying from outrage-mania.
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