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Thursday, July 25

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Two newspaper giants plan a massive merger 
    A single company may soon control one of every six daily newspapers in America.
  2. A radical idea for journalists: talking to readers 
    "Audience engagement" usually refers to measuring online viewership. A journalist decided to make it more personal.
  3. Norah O’Donnell made a strong debut as anchor of CBS Evening News
    “I ask questions based on facts. And facts exist in this world.”
  4. Man posing as recruiter calls young journalists, asks disturbing questions
    “It’s degrading, and it’s embarrassing. It’s a feeling I never want any woman to feel.”
  5. What MSNBC got wrong in its coverage of friction between Nancy Pelosi and freshman Democrats
    The network made a mistake that should have been fixed after the 2016 election.
  6. Chuck Todd has a basic misunderstanding of his job
    What happens when journalists focus on the entertainment value of politics?
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