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Weekly reads from CJR for July 16, 2021

What led to David Furst's departure

For the last three years, reporter Kristen Chick has been chronicling abuse and harassment in the world of photojournalism. She has reported on how well-known photographers use the industry's star system to prey on colleagues, and on the multiple allegations against Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. In her latest investigation, published earlier this month in CJR, Chick looked behind the departure of David Furst, international photo editor at the New York Times.

Chick uncovered an internal inquiry by the Times into numerous complaints about Furst's treatment of freelance photographers, many of whom complained about the photo editor. It is a story about how many months of workplace complaints about a star editor, by photographers around the world, was ignored by the newspaper, which was blinded by the awards and accolades that his work brought in. Taken together, Chick's work portrays an industry still badly in need of reform, and still resistant to the kind of transparency and accountability needed to keep the abuses from continuing. —Kyle Pope, editor and publisher


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